The Vegan Kind. June Boxes

The Vegan Kind. June Boxes

The Vegan Kind subscription has two June boxes, the lifestyle box which is monthly and beauty box which is every other month. I was happy with both boxes this month. I don’t start using everything, especially from the beauty box right away because I still have creams or makeup. But I am happy with them […]

Trinity Term

Trinity Term

Trinity Term is the third and last term at Oxford and this is also the last term for my course. I’m a bit sad it is over because I enjoyed it so much. Now I am waiting for the results, but that will take a few weeks. I already have plans but I will share […]


My garden in June

My garden in June looks so much different than it did only two weeks and a half ago. I bought a few more flowers and a tree, as I wanted to take part in the Tree-bilee as Prince Charles named the campaign launched to mark Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. I am so happy with how the […]


Knowsley Safari Park. June 2021

It was hot when we visited Knowsley Safari Park this month. As a result many of the animals were sleeping in the trees’ shadow. The Rhinos were happy to go about, as they are not happy when it rains though. The deer were enjoying the water to cool down. I have no idea what specie […]

Burgers at Planet Vegan

Planet Vegan Diner

Planet Vegan Diner is a new restaurant opened on Lark Lane, a well known location in Liverpool, packed with lots and lots of restaurants and pubs. It’s a buzzing place. On Saturday there are markets. It’s in walking distance of Sefton park, so very popular. The owners of Veggie Republic, if you remember my review […]


Romanian music

I imagine some of my readers would be interested in Romanian music because I was asked quite a few times what kind of music I listen to or listened to as a teenager. Well, my answers are “boring” as everybody knows about Nirvana and Metallica and they were wondering about other kinds of music. So, […]


May 2021

May was amazing! We, practically, came out of the lockdown entirely. There are social distancing measures in place and clubs and big events are not allowed as yet, but I’m rather happy with the social distancing and also not bothered about big events (unless for work), so for us it’s pretty much back to normal. […]

Poppy in bloom

My garden in May

My garden in May looks very green. I didn’t buy lots of new plants because I was not sure which ones will pop up from last year. But, in a couple of weeks, I will go to some garden centres and get some more plants to replace the ones that didn’t make it. All of […]

LightNight 2021

LightNight 2021

LightNight 2021, in person, who would have imagined that after the last 14 months? Well, last year’s LightNight event was a bit disappointing in its online version, but this year it was pretty amazing. As usual, I looked on their programme to decide where we should go. My husband is not bothered, usually makes recommendations […]

The Vegan Kind. May Box

The Vegan Kind. May Box

It’s time for The Vegan Kind – May Box, the lifestyle box. I am very happy with the box this month, I like all of the items from it. Of course, I haven’t tried all, but the ones I tried were really good and I know how good are the rest, as I’ve tried them […]