Sharing platter at Indigo Greens

Indigo Greens

Indigo Greens is a vegan restaurant in Liverpool and it was the first one we’ve been to after the restrictions lifted for outdoor seating. They have a few tables outside, but take away is available too. We were so excited to be able to finally go back and enjoy a meal. We’ve been on the […]

HRH Prince Philip and WWF

HRH Prince Philip and WWF

I was very saddened by the death of HRH Prince Philip and I wanted to commemorate his life by doing something. While restrictions are easing out in England, mass gatherings are not possible. We couldn’t take a trip to Windsor to leave flowers with the rules still in place. The Royal Family asked that donations […]

Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park. April 2021

Finally, we were able to visit Knowsley Safari Park again! I was so excited. Yesterday saw some more restrictions lifted in England (differs for the 4 nations). Now we can go to zoos and safari parks, have a drink and a meal outdoors, and shops are open again. We booked our slot two weeks ago […]

My TBR List #2

My TBR List #2

It’s time for my TBR List #2. From the first list, back in January, I read almost all of the books. One is still unopened and from another one I read a few chapters. I will finish it at some point, but the chapters were related to what I was studying then. This time I’ve […]

Lake at Arley Gardens

Arley Gardens

Arley Gardens is the first place we visited in months. As the lockdown restrictions lifted, we were able to travel to a place we wanted to see. The gardens were open, but only for locals, at about 50 minutes from us, it would have been inappropriate for us to travel to the gardens before 29th […]



EXTREME E starts this weekend! My regular readers know that I love both Formula 1 and Formula E. EXTREME E though is even more exciting because of what it represents. Formula 1 is all about speed. Formula E is an electric alternative to Formula 1 and the involvement of manufacturers in racing drives forward innovation […]


March 2021

March was a busy month for me. I read my first book in Italian (more at the end of the post), 1 of 13 finished this month. Also, I finished the second term, only one to go before I finish the course. I will miss the colleagues and the tutors, even though I have some […]

My garden in March

My garden in March

Three weeks ago I shared pictures with my garden and talked about the new lawn. Well, it’s for the new update: My garden in March. I took the pictures a couple of days ago, when the weather was nicer. Now is raining, and while the garden still looks lovely, I’m not keen on spending time […]

2021 Travel Inspiration - Liverpool - for families with children

2021 Travel Inspiration

I moved to Liverpool almost a decade ago and, in the beginning, I visited as much as I could in Merseyside, as it was a new place for me. Today I’m going to share my 2021 Travel Inspiration ideas by talking on what people can do in Liverpool and Wirral, because I want to visit […]

Hilary Term

Hilary Term

Hilary Term ends this week and I feel a bit sad about this, as I love my course and it’s getting closer to the end. Have you read how Michaelmas Term was? It had plenty of new things. This time it was pretty much of the same though. I did have a wonderful time learning […]