The Vegan Kind. January Box

The Vegan Kind. January Box

I hope that you are curious about the subscription box from The Vegan Kind. In January I received the lifestyle box as the beauty one is every other month. I was surprised by some of the things in the box, mainly because I bought them in December. This is the box. The only non-food item […]


Goals for 2021

I hope 2021 will be a more predictable year than 2020. Even so, I will set up some goals, even if I will not be able to achieve them. The goals are in three categories: blogs, personal, and travel. Goals for 2021: Blogs 1. Post regularly. My goal is to post all book reviews on […]

My TBR List #1

My TBR List #1

I had some list of what I plan to read last year and I want to continue the same this year. This is the first My TBR List of the year. I am not sure if I will read all the books or not, it depends on how much time I have, what I need […]


Goals for 2020. How I did

I talked about my 2020, today I’m going to talk about goals I set up at the beginning of 2020 and a review of what I managed to achieve (or not). Some of the things I planed couldn’t happen because of the pandemic, obviously. Even so, I was able to achieve most of my goals, […]


My 2020, by month

Many people complain about 2020, but I don’t think it was a bad year, overall. The pandemic was not unlikely considering that we are pressing into wildlife habitat that we are highly interconnected with, hence it was not inevitable. For a pandemic, it could have been much worse, when the death rate is less than […]

Festus' 11th gotcha day

December 2020

December was an incredible month, UK was the first country to authorize a vaccine for COVID-19 and in 2 weeks over 600,000 people were vaccinated. How amazing is that. After rather surprising comments from Fauci and EU about the rapidity in which the vaccine was approved in UK… US approved the same one and over […]

All three

Christmas 2020

As I do each year, I’m sharing pictures from our Christmas. For us Christmas was not too dissimilar from the previous years, as we always celebrate the Christmas at home, all three of us. We’ve decided to take selfies instead of the staged photos. Festus did great and looked directly at the camera. It was […]

best 9 in 2020

Best 9 in 2020. Lifestyle. Recipes. Books

Today I’m sharing the most popular posts this year, over my three blogs. So, it’s a top 3 in each case. To pick the best 9 in 2020, I looked over the stats, as in views and also took into consideration the comments, but to a much lower extent. Of course, some of the posts […]


The Vegan Kind. December Boxes

This is the third month I’m speaking about the The Vegan Kind subscription boxes. I am loving these and I will continue to get them in 2021. The lifestyle box is a monthly subscription with prices starting at £8 + P&P. The most expensive one is £10 + P&P, so not very expensive at all. […]