Festus’ 12th Birthday

Today is Festus’ 12 birthday. This is amazing, considering his breed, we never imagined we could enjoy his presence in our lives for such a long time. For his 12th birthday I’m going to share 12 Facts about Festus, some I mentioned before and some new. 1. He slept in a museum. In a trip […]


Knowsley Safari Park. September 2021

We’ve had a lovely time at Knowsley and today I’m sharing lots of pictures from the drive-through. How funny is the camel waiting for cleaning team to finish. This is the yak food station, but the camels are seeing it as an additional food station for them. The yaks stay away if the camels are […]

The Vegan Kind. September Box

The Vegan Kind. September Box

It’s time for this month’s subscription box from the Vegan Kind, only lifestyle this month, as the beauty one is every other month. It got here on Monday and I was very keen on opening it up to see what goodies are inside. The first thing I noticed was vegan fudge and it was something […]



I’ve been using Sukin products, on and off, for a few years. At the moment I have three products from them, so it was the perfect time to take a picture and chat about them. Sukin is an Australian brand that is vegan, cruelty-free, carbon neutral, and has recyclable packaging. In the picture below there […]

Liver bird

Royal Liver Building

Royal Liver Building can be visited with a guided tour. It lasts for about 70 minutes and it is very interesting. I visited yesterday and today I’m sharing details from our tour. See details on prices and parking at the end of the post. Royal Liver Building is one of the buildings on the Liverpool’s […]

Trafford Treetop Adventures

Trafford Treetop Adventures is a treetop course at intu Trafford. I don’t understand why they (and other similar businesses) advertise this as an activity for children over 6. The long course is clearly hard for young children to go through. I think the long course is suitable for teenagers and adults. Also, because it is […]

Long walk

I mentioned in my monthly round-up that I did one item from my 40 before 40 list, which is a long walk/hike of at least 10 miles. Here are some pictures from the walk, close to where we live, as we’ve decided against travelling to a beauty spot.


August 2021

August was a very busy month. I enjoyed watching the Olympics and Paralympics, like the final at the wheelchair rugby, that was so exciting. I’m watching Paralympics online so I avoid in part the commentary between games. What I don’t understand is why the British commentators are rooting for anyone but the British athletes. I […]


Knowsley Safari Park. August 2021

Our visit to Knowsley Safari Park was lovely as so many animals were very close to the road. I shared photos taken with the camera and the phone to emphasise how close they were. I loved it! Don’t miss the back-scratch collage.

picture of me

Going to King’s College

Two years ago, to the day, I shared that I was going to Oxford for a Foundation course. It was a two-year part-time course equivalent to the first year at university. In these two years I’ve had weekly seminars, dozens of lectures, studied 5 modules, wrote 12 essays (one of 4,000 words and the others […]