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November 2023

I was so busy with the end of the term that I didn’t have the time to write this post in the last day of the month as I usually do. I will change the date to November in a couple of weeks. I finished the first term at Oxford and I’m very happy with […]

Didcot railway

Didcot Railway Centre

Didcot railway is a lovely museum/tourist attraction in Oxfordshire. It is home to over 200 years of railway heritage. There are two stations, a transfer shed, a locomotive turntable, the engine shed, air raid shelter, a museum, gift shop, and refreshment room. The refreshment room has vegan options, including main and dessert. The gift shop […]

Wallingford castle

Wallingford Castle

Wallingford Castle was built in the 11th century, starting in 1067 on the direct instructions of William the Conqueror. After 2 centuries the castle was expanded. In early 1500s it was inherited by the future Henry VIII. During the Civil War the castle was a Royalist stronghold. Recognizing the potential danger it could cause, Cromwell’s […]


Hellfire Caves

The Hellfire Caves are known as West Wycombe Caves due to its location near the village with the same name. These caves are a network of man-made chalk and flint caverns which extend 260m underground. The caves were excavated in the mid-1700s. They served as a location for the Hellfire Club, which was established a […]


Wallingford fireworks

This year for Bonfire night we went to see the Walingford fireworks display. I was so impressed by everything. There were 3 bonfires and 2 fireworks displays. The bonfires started at about 6 and people, looked like thousands, could walk around, buy some food and drinks. We found some vegan hot dogs, so it was […]


October 2023

This was a very busy month, with us moving to Oxford for my studies. I only had time to read 2 books and visit 3 places, we went twice to London and Liverpool. I’m enjoying the crazy schedule, but I have to admit at first it was a bit overwhelming. I have things scheduled almost […]

strawberries for dogs


CuppaPug is a lovely pug cafe in London. They are getting booked fast and they allow only 12 people at a time, so make sure you are booking way in advance if you want to visit them. The dogs are so cute and the staff is great. I highly recommend them. We bought strawberries from […]

Wheatley Mill

Wheatley mill

Wheatley mill is a lovely place to see in Oxfordshire. We visited the mill in their last open days of the year. It is worth checking if you are close to Oxford next year. The guides are knowledgeable and the site is well worth seeing. Enjoy the pictures!

September 2023

September ended so quickly. We visited a lot of places this month and we did a lot of shopping as well. I need new clothes for university, so we went shopping a few times, including for evening dresses for Formal Hall (dinner). Firstly, I will talk about a memorial in Rochdale, that was on my […]

Newton Hall

Heritage Open Days, Cheshire. Day 2

Heritage Open Days, Cheshire. Day 2 follows the previous post of what we visited in the first day we went to see the heritages sites. On that day we saw a bank vault, a bath house and physic garden, an 1845 cottage for railway workers, and the Crewe Heritage site where we took a miniature […]