March 2023

March was a busy month, with commuting to London for my studies. I still have 4 assignments (including my dissertation), so April will be extra busy too. I took a lot of pictures from where we visited, that I will share in the next days. I was very busy and couldn’t photoshop and write the […]


The Charterhouse

The Charterhouse is perfect if you are in London, it rains, and want to visit something really unique! This is a charity, started in the early 1600s, which still goes strong today, doing the same thing, with money from the initial donation! How amazing is that?! The Charterhouse is located within walking distance of Barbican […]

Juicy Marbles - cooked

Juicy Marbles

Juicy Marbles is a Plant-Based alternative to meat. Check their website for more details. I tried these for the first time when they were brought in by Waitrose for Valentine’s Day meal-deal. Well, they decided that selling out BEFORE the day was not enough to convince them to bring more and stock on the shelves, […]

cakes and tea

Cream Dream

I love everything about Cream Dream! It is a new patisserie in London, very close to my university, KCL, in the Covent Garden area. It is 100% vegan, high-end patisserie. On top of that, it is owned by an Ukrainian refugee, a woman who is creating the most wonderful desserts. On top of that, all […]


My kitchen

We have a small kitchen, so we thought about building an extension for the kitchen and knock the walls to make the living room bigger. The main reasons we didn’t do that was because we couldn’t find good developers. We had a few chats, including measurements and quotes, visits to their showroom, but decided against […]