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Festus at Blenheim. Lots of Pictures

Festus loves walking on the Blenheim estates. There is a lovely park and on that day, we went a bit further than usual.

Festus at Blenheim, on the tarmac with his toy

Festus sometimes likes to get his toy with him and that was one of the days. As you can see in the pictures, he didn’t let go of his toy. Very similar to a small child, he likes carrying his toy. Sometimes he might leave it on the grass, meaning that I have to carry it. Other times he will not drop it until he gets back to the car (or at home).

Festus watching the birds

Enjoy the pictures.

Festus sitting with his toy

Festus with the lake in the background

Festus and my husband going towards Blenheim Palace

 Festus with the Palace in the background

Festus and my husband near the lake

Festus and my husband having a relaxing time

Blenheim Palace

Festus in front of the moat at Blenheim

 Blenheim Palace

 Festus and my husband in the moat

Festus going up the moat

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  1. How beautiful! I’d love to visit Blenheim. Looks like Festus was having fun too! What a lovely fall day.

  2. Aww, that’s so cute! Festus is beautiful, and I love that he carries his toy around like that. 😊 My dog likes carrying stuff too, especially sticks.
    Blenheim looks like a very pretty place, I assume it’s some kind of castle?

    1. Festus loves sticks, well, more like branches, but he plays with them, never carries them around. Your dog must be so cute carrying toys with him, I love that.
      Blenheim is a Palace and is where Winston Churchill was born (the room can be visited). This was his family home.

  3. Festus is super cute, and your photos turned out great! It must be so pleasant walking around Blenheim. It’s not your usual doggy walk, that’s for sure!

    Julia x

  4. That is so funny how he carries that toy around!! He looks so handsome taking in the views. 🙂

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