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La Tecia Vegana

La Tecia Vegana is the only vegan restaurant in Venice, but there is another one in the mainland Venice that I blogged about previously, Vgloso. As you can imagine, La Tecia Vegana is a very busy place, so booking is necessary. The restaurant opened in 2016.

La Tecia Vegana

The restaurant is in Santa Marta, a location that is a bit further away from the Piazza San Marco with the Doge’s Palace and so on. With more locals and tourists, it has a different feel and it’s so interesting to experience. The restaurant though is filled with vegan tourists. At the table behind us was a couple from Bristol, as I overheard them talking with the lady who was taking the order. The staff is very friendly and accommodating.


For starters we had Russian Salad. It was something we grew up with in Romania and I loved seeing it in menus in Italian restaurants.


The decor is beautiful. As it was busy I didn’t take pictures of the other tables, all were full.


For mains I had the black & white ravioli. The fillings were different for them. Fantastic taste, very different from each other. I would gladly have this again.


My husband went for lasagne. It was delicious and he was very happy with it.


For dessert I had tiramisu. It is one of my favourite desserts and this one was amazing. It reminded me of the tiramisu I had at vegan restaurant in London, where the chef is Italian. The same taste and beautiful texture, just the right amount of sugar, not too much to distract from the flavour of the coffee.
Of course, we had one each as I was not willing to share.


When leaving I noticed the card on the cage: “It’s not an empty cage/It’s just a free animal”. I think this reflects the ethos of the company. The food is amazing and the owners and staff are so great, well worth deserving of patronage.

La Tecia Vegana is on Dorsoduro, 2104 31023, Venezia

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  1. Your comment about not being willing to share made me smile. There are times for sharing, and times for not! 😉

    As busy as they are, you’d think that’s a sign someone needs to open another vegan restaurant there!
    Kelly recently posted…2022 extras #7 📚My Profile

    1. I think it would be a great idea to open a second vegan restaurant there. It’s so buzzing with tourists that I don’t think it would have issues with finding customers, especially if the food is as good as this was at La Tecia.

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