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The Cottage

01 the cottage

This is the cottage where we’ve stayed last week. It had so many features and character, I loved it.

02 Cottage

03 Cottage

The kitchen was small, but we had everything we needed.

04 Cottage

The slate looks so beautiful and the cottage has underfloor heating. It wasn’t something I would consider for the house, as the price is quite high. But it’s so comfortable to walk on heated tiles, especially after a long day working.

05 Cottage

06 Cottage

07 Cottage

The table was another great thing about the cottage. It’s charming with its cracks, looked like it was old and loved.

08 Cottage

Although I’m not a huge fan of mismatched pieces of furniture, the two chairs gave an extra charm to the living room.

09 Cottage

10 Cottage

I think the door was the thing I liked most about the cottage. It was a heavy barn door, so appropriate for the rest of the house.

The bedroom was quite small and there wasn’t any wardrobe for hanging clothes, but I can live with that considering how special everything else was.

11 Cottage

12 Cottage

13 Cottage

14 Cottage

The bathroom door gave the same feeling of old and “barny”, very cute.

15 Cottage

The en-suite was quite impressive, big room with a big shower and lovely views.

16 Cottage

17 Cottage

The exposed bricks were delightful, it’s one of the features I prefer in old houses.

18 Cottage

19 Cottage

The house looked so amazing because the owners paid attention to small details, like the light switches, that added so much charm and beauty instead of just being there.

20 Cottage

In the last day hubby made the fire, with real wood, what can be more cosy and homely?

21 Cottage

The dog loved the fire too.
22 the cottage

Our view, every morning… it was so quite and peaceful.

23 the cottage

It was a great place to stay for a week. I always feel better in a remote location where I can relax after a hectic day. I love my work and I love meeting new people, talking, but I need a few hours of time off.
I always felt I need that and all my life I lived in relatively crowded cities. Maybe when I’ll retire I’ll finally afford a house in the “middle of nowhere” (and at a 30-40 minutes drive from a big city). Though I don’t think I’m the only one hopping to get a character property in a rural location, as the prices of these properties are raising much faster than of the townhouses.

24 the cottage

25 the cottage

26 the cottage

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  1. Oh, what an absolutely charming little cottage, it looks so innocent from the outside but is chock full of character on the inside.

    Just one question, I look and maybe I’m blind, but I don’t see it mentioned….where is it? And how did you find it?

    Maybe all the information is in a different post that I’ve not read yet… *goes hunting*

      1. Thank you! It’s a really charming little place, I love unique properties like this 🙂

    1. Thank you Victoria. It was a lovely cottage, great for a holiday or even a business trip, as ours. Relaxing in such a beautiful place after a long day makes up for extra miles to the cottage 🙂

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