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LPPEvent, blogger event

On Sunday I went to LPPEvent or Liverpool Period Project. The event was organized at the Dough Bar by Alisha at and Samantha at The Dough Bar is really nice and it’s located in the centre, near Lime Station.
Homeless women and also women in shelters don’t receive things to help with their period time. As most of us already know, in the UK, pads and tampons are taxed at 5% because they aren’t considered an essential product. All the bloggers attending this event donated tampons/pads, it was a raffle and an yard sale where all the proceedings went to The Whitechapel Centre, a homeless centre in Liverpool.


The event was fab, there were a couple of brands who talked about their products, we had a few games. I was rubbish at the quiz, only 5 from 15 questions. I’m not sure if I can blame my low score on a little cold I had. There were more games and they were fun. We had a lot of time to talk and that was nice. It was fab to see Codie (, Jenny ( and Sarah (

The yard sale was great. I picked a hard bag with Betty Boop, as I think it will be very helpful to transport my makeup and cosmetics when I’m caravanning, I’m quite excited about that, I might use it this week. The money raised in the yard sale go to charity, so it was another good reason to get something. The items for the raffle, a lot of fab things there.

LPPEvent sims
I won and picked… Sims 3. Now I’m not so sure it was the best idea, considering all the hours I’m going to spend playing instead of doing something really important, but who can resist Sims?!

The body shop and Teardrop had stands at the event and we were able to see their products. Teardrop have lovely designs.

The food was delicious. There were enough veggie options and the sweet potato chips were yummy.

The goodie bag was amazing. I received tickets at comedy show from Hot water comedy club and bowling at Hollywood Bowl. I’m so excited about the Sushi making class at Yo!Sushi. I love cooking and this should be fun. They were also kind to include a purse and keyring in the goodie bag.

LPPEvent goodie bag

From left to right, there is a chocolate bar from The Chocolate Cellar (; Wax melt from Imperial Candles (, a candle from Yankee Candles (, 2 Spectrum makeup brushes (vegan!!,, a Me Now Cosmetics lipliner and an eye liner; Sweets and a couple of cute rose earrings; LYDC coin purse; flavoured popcorn from Propercorn ( A bunch of samples from Merumaya (, I can’t wait to try those), Kiehl’s, The body shop, x-BlackHeads and Avon. A lot of cosmetics from DermaV10 The last in the picture is Pink Parcel, but I’m going to say more about it as I’ll talk about this in a different blog post.
A few more discount codes were among the goodies.

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  1. Sounds like a great event! So gutted I couldn’t make it. What a great cause as well.

    Oh and Sims 3!!! Love it! X

  2. I’d love and hate to get sims 3 haha. Like you, I’d spend loads of time on it too!

    Corinne x

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