October 2021

We said goodbye to Festus. Initially I didn’t want to put the picture on the day, but I thought it will not make any difference, as it’s not something that I will ever forget. It’s been very hard for us, as we had him for so long and he has been with us everyday since […]

the vegan kind

The Vegan Kind. October Boxes

My post on the Vegan Kind October Boxes is a bit late, but it has nothing to do with them, as I received the boxes on time. I was too busy to share my thoughts about the boxes before today. I am yet to try the majority of the of items from the boxes, as […]

Bee on Chrysanthemums

My garden in October

My garden still has a lot of colours, with plenty of flowers still in bloom, some for the second time. I bought some bulbs, but I did not have time to plant them, this will be a task for next week, when I’m at home for the whole week. The fig is slowly losing its […]

Cat playing

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

I visited Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium five years ago and this month we went back for a visit, this time with my husband. Their cats are rescue and some are or will be up for adoption. Most of the cats are under 1, so very playful as you can see from the pictures. I had […]

TeamSport Karting

TeamSport Karting

Last week we went karting for the first time at TeamSport Karting. We had a celebration and we’ve decided to do something we thought of doing before but we kept postponing. We both loved it so much that we bought vouchers to go again, as it was on offer for customers. As we didn’t have […]

My TBR List #4

My TBR List #4

My TBR List #4 is the last for this year. I read all but one book from the previous TBR updates, which is great. There are only 7 books in this list, but I have a lot to read for the seminars, from 300 pages to 500+ pages weekly, so I don’t want to make […]