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5 minutes workout

While I was away, I set myself a challenge to do as many push-ups as I could in a 5 minutes workout. I needed a fast and high intensity exercise routine as I didn’t have time for a 30 minutes workout. Because it was only 5 minutes I was able to do it everyday, usually in the morning, before taking a shower and getting ready for work. The great part is that I already had everything I needed: a phone with timer, a floor and the motivation to exercise.

5 minutes workout

After a week my results were much better than I expected. In a week I was able to do 13 more push-ups and I think that is a great result. Here is the breakdown:
Day 1 – 80 push-ups
Day 2 – 83 push-ups
Day 3 – 88 push-ups
Day 4 – 90 push-ups
Day 5 – 92 push-ups
Day 6 – 94 push-ups
Day 7 – 93 push-ups

I didn’t feel the need to do any warm up or cool down as I made standard push-ups. I started with a batch of 20, then took breaks of 5-10 seconds and even longer. I continued with shorter batches, of 5-10 and rest in between. I enjoyed myself, as I love doing push-ups. I will take this challenge again next time I’m away, in holiday or with work, as it’s so efficient and I felt great continuing keeping active in an easy way.

Do you like doing push-ups? Do you have a go-to routine while you are away? What do you think of my 5 minutes workout?

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  1. What every busy person needs! A workout that is short yet effective! This is a great article! Thank you for sharing.

  2. You are hardcore! When I’m away I either use the 7 minute workout app or do a similar thing with the pushup but I need MUCH longer breaks in between!

  3. Well done!! Amazing results. I just exercise when I can when I want….I’ll be doing squats in the kitchen at 11.30pm just because… I can lol!! I really should count them. I’m definitely doing more.

  4. That is such a great achievement in 5 minutes, I can barely do one push up, although sit ups would be my one! x

  5. I think it’s great you have found a quick fitness routine, and even better that it will fit around holidays and travel.

  6. wow check you out not sure I could do one press up although I have apps yet have never used them maybe I need to

  7. That is amazing! I feel terrible admitting this but I can’t actually do a press up. Well, I could probably do one. I should follow your example.

  8. I will definitely try this out! I need a high intensity short workout because I don’t really have time for anything else at the moment, this is perfect, there’s no excuse, hehe 🙂 I like it that I can start small and maybe incorporate more into that x

  9. I LOVE 5 minute training sessions, granted it would probably take me about 5 minutes to do even one push up unless modified, 5 minute HIIT workouts are fantastic! I followed a fair few of the Shaytards Shayloss ones on YouTube and it’s crazy how much you can get done in such a short space of time! Go you, thats an amazing amount of push ups and such an improvement in only a week!

    Sarah 🙂

    1. Aww, I’m going to have a look on youtube, having more 5 minutes workout is fab, I can pick&mix 🙂 Thank you xx

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