How Many Cosmetics Do I Need

I didn’t add this post in my blogging schedule until after I got these very cute plastic jars and filled all of them. Then I wasn’t sure if I should name my post How Many Cosmetics Do I Need or something else. It all comes down to what one considers as a need. There are only two vital cosmetics: soap and toothpaste/powder, for obvious reasons. But, as luckily, I’m not living in the 16th century (love reading and learning about that period, but I do prefer an era with antibiotics), I can also consider that I need more cosmetics, and, thus, the title is How Many Cosmetics Do I Need. Funnily enough, I didn’t take pictures of neither the soap or the toothpaste.

You might be wondering why I’m using so many plastic jars. The reason is very simple, these are light and they don’t break. I’ve used plastic jars for years, but only recently I’ve decided to buy a lot and use them regularly. These are easy to clean, with warm soapy water and a sponge, or you might just put them in the dishwasher with the cutlery (not if you’ve put labels on them though) and they will be ready to be used again and again for years. By using these I can make sure that I’m not always opening up new items and taking them with me and, of course, that I can have all the comforts that I have at home when I’m away.

How Many Cosmetics Do I Need

In the next two months I have two holidays planned and I’m also starting my studies at the University. This means that I will commute to Oxford on a weekly basis and carrying a few or even all of these jars will not make a significant difference to my luggage. This is another very important reason for me to get these jars. If I’m staying for a night or two I will take only the essentials, but if I need to stay for 4 to 5 days, then I would take all of them.

Besides these ones, from the picture above, I will also take shampoo and conditioner, make-up, and also my hair oil. I need my shampoo as my hair is quite fussy and I don’t want to change it too often. After using Bed Head for two years, I’ve changed it to the strawberry shampoo from the Body shop. I think the people from Bed Head changed the formula because it stopped working as it did. Now I’m reluctant to change it again, because the strawberry one works. I hope they will keep it in their range for many years to come. I will also get lip balm, of course.

When it comes to make-up, the essential is foundation, lipstick, and something for my brows, the eye shadow is optional. The hair oil is another very important thing for me. My hair gets frizzy and it is very long, so, the hair oil is important to make it soft and shiny, also less prone to tangle. If you are wondering, I’m using Vollare Hair Serum (I don’t know much about the brand though).

I made a list with all the cosmetics I have in these jars, if you are curious. It will also be helpful for me, when I’m looking back to see what I was using. Over time, when I finish some of these cosmetics, I will change them with new ones. Because so many of them are from the Body Shop, I’ve added a TBS instead of the whole name of the brand. All the links go to my reviews of the products.

How Many Cosmetics Do I Need:

Small, 10ml jars, with the white lid
Fond is the short for Foundation – Matte Clay Skin Clarifying TBS
Day, as in Day cream – the newly bought Vitamin C from TBS. It’s so good. I tried a sample, then bought two. It has SPF 30, so that makes it even more great, especially in the winter months, when a lower SPF is enough.
Night, as in Night Cream – Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream from TBS. I’ve been using it for a long time, this is my 2nd or 3rd. It is great for the winter months, when a richer cream is better.
Cream, as in a cream that is neither for day nor night. I’m using at the moment the Vitamin E from TBS and this is an option if I’m not taking one of the other two creams.
SPF – Ultrasun SPF 50 cream. I’m using this if I’m not using the day cream. I’m really happy with it, goes great underneath the make-up. It is a bit more expensive, but it does what it needs to do, so is worth it.
Eyes, as in eye cream. I’ve been using No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED for years, you can see it in an old post, Bedtime routine, from 2017. It’s great, I’m very pleased with it.

Big, 30ml jars, with the black lid
Mask, as in face mask – I recently started using Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing from TBS and it is lovely. So I’ve filled the jar with this one. I plan to use it twice a week, so if I’m staying for 4 days or more, I’ll put this jar in my luggage.
Salt – Epsom salt, that I’ll take it me for the shower if I’m staying for more than a few days.
Scrub – I have a scrub from Yardley and it is good. I’m not going to buy it again soon a I have another scrub waiting for me and I’ve ordered another one (it was in a pack, from the TBS… big surprise there, I know).
Body, as in body cream or butter or yoghurt – Now I have a light body cream from TBS, most likely it will continue to be TBS from now on as well as I have another one coming (same pack as the scrub).
Hands, as in hand cream – It will not come as a shock that my hand cream is from TBS. I filled this jar with mango hand cream, but I have a couple more in my drawer and more to come. I like their hand creams and I use them a few times each day, so I can’t ever say that I have too many, as I go through them quickly. I do have a No7 day hand cream with SPF 15 that I use on sunny days. I should use it more often though, as the sun can do a lot of damage even on less than sunny days.
Feet, as in feet cream – This one is Peppermint Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue. I like it, it is absorbed fast and it smells lovely. I haven’t put feet scrub in a jar because I don’t think I will use it. Anyway, I can use some body scrub while I’m away.
H. Mask, as in hair mask – I mentioned earlier that I also have shampoo and conditioner in special travel tubs to take with me. If I’m going to have to wash my hair more than twice in my trip, I will have to take the mask with me, mainly because the conditioner might not be enough. I love having a smooth, untangled hair, and without using products for it. At the moment I’m using a mask from Maui that I bought from a supermarket. It is good, vegan, and seems like good value for money too.

I hope you’ve find this post interesting. I’ve enjoyed writing it. Tell me what cosmetics you find necessary that you take with you while on holiday. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I find this interesting!! If I go away, I always need a face cream, some sort of cleanser, shower gel, Shampoo and toothpaste.

  2. I used to use so much. Now I use a liner pencil, blush and moisturizer. And if it’s really a nice occasion, mascara. It’s so freeing! (Of course, there’s always other stuff in the travel bag!) I like those little jars!

    1. Thank you. Freeing is an interesting choice. I love using them, so is not a chore, but part of my self-care regime. I guess I feel free by using all these. 🙂

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