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At Windsor with Festus

We’ve been to London last week with business. We’ve decided to make the journey into a longer trip. After London we stopped at Windsor and in another wonderful location I’m going to blog about these days.

I saw Windsor Castle last year and I wanted to stop again. The lawn seemed the perfect place to take some pictures with the dog and for a short walk. The short walk turned into a hour and 10 minutes walk, as it was sunny and warm and we had to take a lot of pictures. The horse statues were too nice to miss too.

01 Festus at Windsor

02 Festus at Windsor

It was busier than I was expecting in a weekday. The town was full of tourists, I would love to visit the Castle, but we have to go when is not that crowded.

04 Festus at Windsor on the sofa

Relaxing on the bench… because he was very tired with all the running and the walking.

05 Festus at Windsor

06 Festus at Windsor

03 Festus at Windsor

He finally found a stick. Is not his usual size, but it was big enough to play with it. Obviously, there aren’t big branches on the lawn near Windsor Castle, the official residence of Her Majesty the Queen. Most people think that the official residence is Buckingham, but in fact is Windsor. I use to believe the same thing a few years ago.

07 Festus at Windsor

08 Festus at Windsor

09 Festus at Windsor

I saw the statue with the horses and I wanted a picture with Festus near it. This sculpture was unveiled for HRM the Queen on her diamond jubilee, 60th anniversary of her coronation.

10 Festus at Windsor

Festus was a little unsure of the big horses that looked exactly like a horse, but without any specific smell. He saw some horses before, but never got the chance to interact with them. I can’t convince hubby that we can buy a horse, for fun or if the car breaks down.

11 Festus at Windsor

12 Festus at Windsor

13 Festus at Windsor

Here he was reaching up to sniff them better.

14 Festus at Windsor

Finally he stood still for a picture. That was the plan from the start.

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  1. These are great photos esp the ones in front of the statues! Festus really suits his name! I didn’t know that about Windsor too although it does make sense that Buckingham is more her entertaining residence in London rather than her proper home. X

  2. Windsor is one place I still haven’t visited in the UK that I want to visit! Windsor Castle looks beautiful and the horse statues are cool too. Your dog is just gorgeous, I want to give him a cuddle 🙂 x

    1. Maybe because Buckingham is in London and gets a lot of publicity with the guard change. But is was only a house up to 19th century, too small to be the official residence.

  3. Awww, such a happy looking dog! The grounds look lovely, and Festus looks so happy walking around them!

    1. Thank you xx He was happy and we had a lovely time walking around and admiring the castle.

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