after dark

November 2023

I was so busy with the end of the term that I didn’t have the time to write this post in the last day of the month as I usually do. I will change the date to November in a couple of weeks. I finished the first term at Oxford and I’m very happy with […]


October 2023

This was a very busy month, with us moving to Oxford for my studies. I only had time to read 2 books and visit 3 places, we went twice to London and Liverpool. I’m enjoying the crazy schedule, but I have to admit at first it was a bit overwhelming. I have things scheduled almost […]

September 2023

September ended so quickly. We visited a lot of places this month and we did a lot of shopping as well. I need new clothes for university, so we went shopping a few times, including for evening dresses for Formal Hall (dinner). Firstly, I will talk about a memorial in Rochdale, that was on my […]

August 2023

I am going to Oxford! I will do a MSt in European History, starting in October. I wrote about the process that started last summer in a post, if you are curious to read in detail. Obviously, I am very happy. I chose a topic that will not be surprising to my regular readers – […]

graduation ceremony

July 2023

July was such an exciting month. Most importantly, I’ve graduated from KCL with a 1st Class (Hons), and last week I had the ceremony. We decided to spend a few days in London as well, just to celebrate. I will blog about the graduation in a couple of days. Highlights from this month include the […]


June 2023

British volunteers are working in Ukraine and are being targeted by the russian army. As usual, I will start with a short paragraph about the war. The russian destruction of the Kakhovka dam led to so much destruction, which is ongoing, despite little media coverage. Richard who is volunteering at FrontLine Kitchen was targeted by […]


May 2023

May was an incredibly busy month for me. I uploaded my dissertation, so it’s official that I finished my studies. I have no idea when I’ll get the results, but that’s that. This month we also had the Coronation and Eurovision! On top of that, we visited three stately homes, taking advantage of our membership […]

Piece Hall in Halifax

April 2023

russia has decided to go full-ISIS and showed the beheading of an Ukrainian POW. At around the same time, Pernod Ricard said they are resuming exports to russia. If you are as shocked and angered about this as I am, read the b4ukraine statement and boycott Pernod Ricard brands (best known are): Malibu; Ballantine’s; Chivas; […]


March 2023

March was a busy month, with commuting to London for my studies. I still have 4 assignments (including my dissertation), so April will be extra busy too. I took a lot of pictures from where we visited, that I will share in the next days. I was very busy and couldn’t photoshop and write the […]


February 2023

This month marked 1 year of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. I talked about charities and books by Ukranian authors. In February I’ve been a couple of times to London, but not too much as there were some strikes and my schedule changed. I shared two posts from London, St Clemens Danes Church and random […]