Nancy Pelosi

April 2024

April was great because we went to Leeds for jousting, to Manchester for CuppaPug, had a day trip to Winchester, and because I saw Nancy Pelosi at an event in Oxford. But, it was amazing, because we went to Ukraine! Firstly, these are two pictures with Nancy Pelosi. She is fantastic, on heels, full of […]


March 2024

In March we travelled a lot, as you can see in this post. We’ve been to Bristol, London (twice), Blackpool, Windsor, and Leeds. I’ve finished the second term for my Master’s and now I am working on my dissertation. I gave a presentation in the lecture theatre of my college and attended two workshops, besides […]


February 2024

February was a difficult month. The war entered its third year and more provocations are created by russia in Moldova. On the 24th I went to London to take part in the march. This month Chubbchubbs died, only three months away from his 19th birthday. He lived with my mother for over a decade, but […]

vegan formal

January 2024

I started the second term at Oxford, it’s called Hilary, which is the patron-saint of lawyers (funny, isn’t it?). I am back in Oxford, being very busy with all sorts of lectures and seminars, formals, socials. We went to London for a day and watched the commemorations for Charles I, which I am going to […]


December 2023

In December I finished my first term at Oxford and we went back home to Liverpool. It was a busy month, as usual, but we had pretty lovely time nevertheless. I read a lot this month, for my studies, as I have a few deadlines in early January. This helped me reach the number on […]

after dark

November 2023

I was so busy with the end of the term that I didn’t have the time to write this post in the last day of the month as I usually do. I will change the date to November in a couple of weeks. I finished the first term at Oxford and I’m very happy with […]


October 2023

This was a very busy month, with us moving to Oxford for my studies. I only had time to read 2 books and visit 3 places, we went twice to London and Liverpool. I’m enjoying the crazy schedule, but I have to admit at first it was a bit overwhelming. I have things scheduled almost […]

September 2023

September ended so quickly. We visited a lot of places this month and we did a lot of shopping as well. I need new clothes for university, so we went shopping a few times, including for evening dresses for Formal Hall (dinner). Firstly, I will talk about a memorial in Rochdale, that was on my […]

August 2023

I am going to Oxford! I will do a MSt in European History, starting in October. I wrote about the process that started last summer in a post, if you are curious to read in detail. Obviously, I am very happy. I chose a topic that will not be surprising to my regular readers – […]

graduation ceremony

July 2023

July was such an exciting month. Most importantly, I’ve graduated from KCL with a 1st Class (Hons), and last week I had the ceremony. We decided to spend a few days in London as well, just to celebrate. I will blog about the graduation in a couple of days. Highlights from this month include the […]