fish and chips

April 2022

I will start this month with a short-ish rant about the war. As there are problems in Moldova (I’m Romanian, we have the same language, traditions, and for a while the same national anthem too), I am closely monitoring what is happening in Ukraine. I finished Winter Is Coming by Garry Kasparov and reviewed it […]

Office Decorations

Office Decorations

When it comes to office decorations, I was not sure what I should use, before a few months ago, when we started making puzzles. Now we have 9 on the walls as beautiful decorations. They range from 500 pieces to 3,000 pieces. So, enjoy the pictures. London, 3,000 pieces

Mac and cheese

Farmacy, London

Farmacy is a great plant-based restaurant in London. It’s in a posh part of London and it is a beautiful place to eat. The staff is so lovely and the food is just amazing. The restaurant opened in 2016. You can read more about them and their ethos on the website. They have many types […]

Easter Jousting Tournament

Easter Jousting Tournament

Leeds hosts an Easter Jousting Tournament every year, well with the exception of the covid years. I’ve been in 2019 and loved it, so I’ve been again to see the last day of the tournament. It was exceptional. Enjoy the pictures. I’ve only added short descriptions when needed because I talked a lot about this […]

Cherry tree

My garden in April

Almost all of last month I was away, a couple of days in Durham and the rest in London, so I didn’t manage to get pictures of the garden. The flowers are growing amazingly with very little input from me. I just love that. The fence is newly painted too, so bright and beautiful. Enjoy […]

Rudy's Vegan Dinner

Rudy’s Vegan Diner

I had to go to Rudy’s Vegan Diner and we’ve been a few times there. Piers Morgan had a rant about Rudy’s, as a vegan butcher and this is how I found out about them. Of course, I ordered Christmas dinner from them, and we went there a few times, both at the butcher shop […]