We Have Snow

We Have Snow! Finally we have snow in Liverpool. Last time we had to go to Peak District to be able to enjoy the snow. Everybody was excited, ready to play outside. I took the camera and off we went. Enjoy the pictures.

February roundup

I was looking forward to February, with its celebrations, including Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year. Besides, I went to Visit My Mosque event, that was interesting and different. When it comes to blogging, I’ve had a couple of reviews I wanted to make and I loved writing those. Also, I’ve attended a fab […]

Skin Doctors Vit C. Ampoules scattered around.

Skin Doctors Vit C

Update (2019): I will not buy this face cream because it comes in ampoules and produces too much waste. I would buy it in a jar, because the cream was really good. Last year I’ve been at an event organized by Very. Skin Doctors were at the event, so we had a chat. I won […]

Visit My Mosque - Abdullah Quilliam

Visit My Mosque – Abdullah Quilliam

Last week I saw that there is a new annual event taking place, called Visit My Mosque. It’s been a long while since I visited a mosque and never in the UK. So, we went last Sunday to Abdullah Quilliam mosque. I heard about it. It’s the oldest mosque in England. See their website (abdullahquilliam.org) […]

John Lewis - Trafford Manchester

John Lewis – Home Design Service

Last evening I was invited to a blogger event at John Lewis to learn about their new Home Design Service. As a home owner, I know how important is to make the best decisions when it comes to furniture. For example, we’ve recently changed our big dinning table with a smaller one. It looks so […]

Recipes for Valentine's Day

Recipes for Valentine’s Day

If you are looking for some last minute recipes for Valentine’s Day, I’m here to help. First I’m going to share four of my recipes, that are all available on my food blog. After that, I’m sharing a few recipes made by other bloggers. So, there is plenty of things to choose from. I know […]

Vionic Shoes

Vionic Shoes

It’s wonderful when you know a brand and they ask you to review one of their products. This is what happened with my new Vionic Shoes. After looking on their website (again), I’ve picked a pair of trainers*. You might think, as I did, that well… they are trainers, how more comfortable can they be, […]

Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends

Wella System Professional Repair Perfect Ends

Update (in 2019): I am not buying Wella products as they are selling in China and, thus, their products must be tested on animals. Wella is owned by Coty, who sells in China. Even thought they say they don’t use animal testing, their products, at some point between production and retail must be tested to […]

What's in my handbag

What’s in my handbag

A couple of years ago everybody seemed to be making “What’s in my handbag” sort of posts. I might be a bit late, but well, hopefully, it will be interesting for my readers. It all looks neat and tidy. It’s not hard to keep my handbag clean and free from unnecessary items because I don’t […]