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365 Project – October

October was a very busy month for us. We’ve been to London twice, to Scotland, Birmingham and a few other shorter trips. My husband and I went for a double-bicycle ride in Manchester as part of his birthday celebrations, it was fun and new. We’ve also celebrated 2 anniversaries: when we’ve met and our 1st date. I continued to bake along the GBBO and made lots of cakes, a Tudor pie and fondant fancies. Of course, the month finished great with Halloween. November will be just as amazing, as we have a couple of things planned and it’s my birthday too. Don’t forget to give me a follow on Instagram if don’t want to miss anything.


Day 275. Beautiful sky over Mersey. Day 276. Our 14th anniversary. Day 277. Rose cake. Day 278. Beautiful roses at Port Sunlight, one of my favourite places in Wirral. Day 279. The passiflora from my garden, grown from seed. It grew a lot this year. Day 280. Having drinks in the caravan, while the food was cooking. Day 281. The Hive at Kew Garden. Day 282. I took a picture of Queen’s Victoria statue at Kensington Palace after visiting the palace. Day 283. Street art in Shoreditch. Day 284. I spotted these grapes in the garden of a Victorian flour mill, only 40 min away from central London.

Day 285. The Christmas toys for dogs look amazing, it will be hard to pick only a few for Festus. Day 286. Beautiful weather. We were on our way to the NEC. Day 287. Doing research at the Central Library. Day 288. We got a tandem bike for a ride around Manchester, it was lovely. Day 289. A beautiful Autumn day after a rainy morning. Day 290. Pumpkin picking! Day 291. A BBQ, in Autumn, the weather was lovely. Day 292. Risotto and Quorn sausages for dinner. Day 293.Roasted pumpkin soup. Day 294. A strange looking ladybird. Day 295. The workshop at the Jewellery Quarter Museum was fascinating. I loved the museum.

Day 296. Pizza night. Day 297. A beautifully decorated house for Halloween. Day 298. Festus and the swans, the evening walk in Hyde Park. Day 299. Technically, the picture was taken the day before, in London, on the banks of the river Thames. That day I was busy packing for Edinburgh, so no pictures from that day. Day 300. We watched the GBBO final online, as we arrived in Edinburgh and we don’t have a TV in the caravan. Day 301. Royal Yacht Britannia, in the evening. It was too late to visit it. Day 302. Meringue with cranberry curd and whipped cream, for you 1st date anniversary. It was an easy dessert to make while camping. Day 303. Scottish bagpiper in Edinburgh, city centre. They make a really nice atmosphere. Day 304. Last morning in Scotland. I admired this beach and the weather was too lovely not to stop and take a picture. Day 305. Misfortune cookies, perfect for Halloween.

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  1. You had such a busy life. Love how you put it such a neat way! Not long before Christmas now! Let bake!

  2. This is a brillaint roubd up post, such a cool idea. It sounds like you have had a busy month though with a lot of travelling x

  3. Just think, you only have another 2 months of this left! How are you feeling so far about the project?

    Corinne x

    1. I love the project, I will continue with it next year, but I will change the way I’m sharing the pictures in a monthly update & good things all in one. xx

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