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Last month I’ve made a list of the tickets included in the Buckt subscription box for April, but that was before I had the chance to do any of them, so this is a short update with the activities with Buckt done in April and so far in May.

Activities with Buckt - collage of 6 activities

There are 5 activities in a box and in my post I’m going to talk about 6, that is because I did one from the March box in late April and I didn’t have the opportunity to talk about it on my blog.

Activities with Buckt - Photoshoot. Details of the studio

We had a Choice of Photoshoots with Capture. As they have multiple locations around UK, we were able to book in Liverpool. I liked the experience a lot. I booked a week or so before our wedding anniversary, so the couple photoshoot we picked had a special meaning for us.
Everything was great, besides the pictures in the end. Despite not wanting having Photoshopping on our pictures, they did that. So, we only got the picture included in the package, but paid (a bit too much) to have a larger picture made. Now the picture sits on my desk and I’m happy with it. Overall it was a lovely experience and I’m glad it was included in the Buckt subscription box.

Activities with Buckt - Laser tag. Entrace to the play area

A Game of Laser Tag at Total Adrenaline in Hyde. It was such a different thing to try. We ended up in a group with children and initially I thought it would be strange, but it was so much fun. My husband and I loved chasing and being chased by kids full of energy. I’d love to play with children again, they were very sweet too. I loved it.

Activities with Buckt - Breakout Manchester, before going into the room

Escape Room at Breakout Manchester, right in the city centre. It was fun, but with only the two of us in the room it was hard to find all the clues. We picked a room that was a bit harder as well, so we didn’t escape. We’ve enjoyed ourselves a lot. It is the 2nd time I’m going to an escape room and I would gladly try it again.

Activities with Buckt - African Drumming Lesson, me playing a drum

African Drumming Class with Drumroots were also included in the Buckt for April. It was so hard! I was expecting to do better, but when I saw some of the other participants that had a few years of experience still not being able to make some specific sounds I realized that I had no idea how hard is to play the drum.
This was great and I would definitely recommend trying something like this.

Activities with Buckt - Snooker table and a picture of the scoring board

We had one hour Game of Snooker or Pool at Steven Charles Snooker Club. We picked snooker as neither of us played snooker before. It is so much harder than pool. I did enjoy it and I would like to play again.

Activities with Buckt - Skateboarding lesson

Skateboarding Lesson is the last activity I’m going to talk about. The lessons were with Projekts Manchester. It was one of the best things I did recently. I loved it! It was so challenging, but I was able to do much more than I was expecting. I’m the kind of girl (woman) that can’t ride a bike and I’m not very sporty, so my expectations were quite low. Even so, by the end of an hour and a half, I was on the skateboard and actually riding with it. Amazing! I think it was easy for me to keep my balance on a non-moving board due to being used to high heels, but the rest was new.
As expected, my husband did great. He was ridding around in about 20 minutes or so and he learned a couple of tricks as well.
I had to say that I’m considering going skateboarding once in a while, for fun… this is how much I’ve enjoyed it.

*Collaboration. All opinions are my own. I don’t receive any money if you sign up, but I think you should because the box is worth it.

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  1. This all sounds great fun!!! I definitely want to do another Escape Room soon! I found it so fun even though we failed to escape (and there were 4 of us!!)

  2. I love the sound of the Escape Room, though I have always been told it is much easier to find the clue with 4 in your group from friends who have been x

  3. It definitely sounds like you had fun! A few friends have done escape rooms (with varying results!) and all seemed to enjoy them.

    I’ve not been on a skateboard since I was a kid and I wasn’t very good at it then! 😀

  4. I would love to visit the escape room. I guess the more people the better! Drumming sounds fun too!

  5. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I’m open to trying new things but when it comes to things that require skills like skateboarding, I don’t know if I would watt to do it knowing I would be so bad doing it for the first time and how unlikely it would be for me to do it again, so I wouldn’t be able to improve my skills anyway. I guess it would be nice to try something new, but I don’t know. I do miss playing pol but it’s been so long that I feel I almost forgot how to do it. xD

  6. What a great idea! I’d love to try drumming, and I still haven’t been to a breakout room! Great post.

  7. Wow lots of fun activities, A friend of mine recently went knife throwing with buckt!

  8. Of your activities shown, it’s the drumming and the snooker that I’d most want to do. Totally different from each other, but both sound equally fun!

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