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Dorfold Hall

Dorfold Hall is a stunning family home in Cheshire. They host weddings and corporate events to raise funds for the very expensive upkeep of the building. They also offer guided tours, limited in number and days, but so worth travelling to see them. Our guide was wonderful and I loved the blending of the history of the place with showing us what the family does to keep it modern. The accommodation they offer is for wedding parties, so there isn’t the possibility to book a room for a holiday. Thus, for most, a guided tour is the only way to see the main house. They have two cottages that they rent for holidays, which have limited availability, unsurprisingly.


The building is Jacobean and beautiful. The family, Charles and Candice, invested in some new heating systems that harvest warmth from underneath the lake. It’s fascinating stuff.

The house dates back to the early 1600s, being finished in 1621. King James I visited the house and slept there. Now that bedroom can be booked by brides! How fantastic is that?! Check their website, that link to their social media accounts if you want to see pictures from indoors. I didn’t take any on the day.
The house is still owned by the same family, albeit it was sold a couple of times or so, but to members of the wider family.


The car park is ample, as expected, but it has some modern features, such as 3 electric charging points. I think this was a really good idea, as more and more people drive electric or hybrid, especially within their target market, so they are looking forward.



The entrance is gorgeous. The statue in front of it dates back to the Paris exhibition of 1861.


I found the statue beautiful. The motherly instinct of the mastiff, defending her pups while being obvious scared, is so well represented. The pups each have a different personality and it shows. I saw it before the tour and thought it must be a modern statue, so beautiful in expressing emotions. But, it’s over 150 years old, which makes it even more impressive.




After the tour we had drinks from the Cafe, The Tack. This is where weddings take place, in the Coach House, over 200 years old. There is another modern building for a restaurant. These buildings are modern but they blend beautifully within the landscape and the house.



The Tack is on the left, with the Coach House following it, while on the right is the second building I mentioned, L’Écurie, which form an enclosed courtyard.

Garden entrance

The grounds were open for visitors, and we had a quick walk around.





It was a privilege to be able to visit this wonderful home. I’m glad the owners decided to do these tours and share their stunning home with us. This feels like a well loved family home, which makes the whole experience very different than visiting a National Trust property. For this reason this is a must see.
Dorfold Hall is in Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 8LD.

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  1. I love touring old homes — especially REALLY old ones that have been so beautifully preserved, as this one has been. I, too, appreciate the modern adjustments and the gardens are beautiful. What a wonderful place for a wedding.

    1. I was fascinated by the statue, spent some time looking at it from different angles. It expresses emotions so realistically. I loved it.
      There are other stately homes that are using their lakes as a source for heating. It must be very expensive to install, but on the long term it ensures the house is easier to run by their descendants.

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