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3 Funny things people have asked me

I am asked funny things sometimes and I wanted to share 3 of those questions. When I hear a question like this I’m lost for words. How can I reply?

1. You put your food & snacks on the plates only for taking pictures?

Hmmm… the obvious answer is no, I eat from plates like, hopefully, most of the civilized world. I don’t like eating out of a bag, so, if I can avoid it, I would toss the crisps/popcorn/puffs in a bowl and eat it from that.

I use props for taking food pictures, but those are obvious. I don’t think anybody eats their cookies with jars of flour on the table, sprinkled raisins and whatever props appear in the photo.


2. If you are vegetarian, you can’t have turkey, what do you eat at Christmas?

I was amazed to be asked something like this. I have an accent and it’s obvious for a Brit I’m not born in the UK. Besides UK and the English-speaking countries (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) which started as colonies, the rest of the world has different customs for Christmas. I never had turkey for Christmas, not even when I wasn’t vegetarian, it’s not something people eat in Romania.

Funnily enough, there are more vegetarian or easy to make vegetarian options in the British Christmas dinner comparing to the Romanian one. Brussels sprouts can be vegan or vegetarian, the same can do done with roasted root vegetables. Onion gravy is delicious too, that too can be vegetarian.

3. Can you read in English? After a 5 minutes chat, the second question: When was the English Civil War?

The first question wouldn’t exactly be funny unless paired with the second one. I really can’t imagine how you get from: “can you read?” to a question about a 9 years time frame in the British history from the 17th century. This happened at a house transformed in a museum, in a small village up north.

I said 1648 and I got it wrong, but not by much. The Civil War started in 1642 and the second one started in 1648, as I said, when Charles I was captured and was executed the following year. That was what I knew, the year when Charles I’s was in captivity. I also knew the Civil War finished in 1651.

The lady who asked the question said she is not sure and this is why she asked me. First of all, I can’t understand why somebody who works in a historical museum has no idea when the English Civil War was, it’s not like knowing all the kings and queens from 1066 and up to date. Britain has only one civil war and it was the only time when there weren’t any kings on the throne. Although, considering that Oliver Cromwell was buried as a king and his son followed him, it’s not exactly a huge difference.
I had a look online to learn a bit more about that time and on 29th May 1660 the English monarchy was restored with King Charles II.

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  1. haha I like to think that these people realised what silly questions they were as soon as they’d asked them, but I’m probably being too optimistic!

    To be fair though, I don’t think I’d have ben able to answer much on the English Civil War!

  2. Bizarre questions INDEED! I often empty a bag of crisps into a pretty bowl to eat whilst I am sat at a computer or reading so I can eat them one-handed and not get so messy. My husband had an ex-girlfriend who was from Czech republic and he said they had Trout for their Christmas meal. It’s funny how much some people don’t know! I must admit that I really detest Nut Roast which is what my Mum used to serve to my Vegetarian Grandad for Christmas day. I like most veggie alternatives except that. It’s so dry, even with sauce!
    Ha, I didn’t know the exact date of the English Civil War except that I knew that it was after the 1630’s as I read a book called 1633 in which a modern day American town was transported back into the past. King Charles got hold of some of the history books and discovered what was due to happen to him and so he imprisoned Oliver Cromwell in that year to stop him doing anything! Very clever!

  3. Oh my word I can’t believe people ask you the first and last question – especially the Civil War question! I’m a Brit and I wouldn’t have a clue!

    The second question, I would probably ask though! 😀

  4. You’re from Romania? That’s awesome! Also, weird questions. I don’t know the exact date of the English Civil War but I know of it and the players too.

    Stupid questions honestly.

  5. Ahah there are some funny people out there. This was an interesting post though so I suppose…thanks to those people too? lol You should make it a series.

    People with the Xmas dinner Q annoy me SO much! I literally have everything else I’d normally have – Potatoes and veg and lots of it with vegetable stock gravy and just skip the chicken! A lot of people seem to think that you HAVE TO substitute the meat for something else, but why? My dinner is probably the most green of many haha. Yum!!


  6. The last question sound crazy! Can’t believe people ask you this? It is not like you didn’t answer them in English! Oh my!

  7. You have no idea how happy I am to see a Romanian fellow around here.

    These are some pretty weird questions. I can’t believe somebody would ask you if you use plates only for pictures. I mean, that would mean that you put the food on a plate, take a picture and then put it back into the bag because plates are only for Instagram.

    I am not sure about the turkey, but isn’t it a custom for the american Thanksgiving? Oh, you reminded me about our Romanian Christmas table … such unhealthy food and all the meat we eat. But I never had turkey for Christmas either.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that if you lived in the UK for so long you speak English and of course you can read it.

    These are definitely some stupid questions. 🙁

  8. People often asks me what Tyrone eats on Christmas day instead of turkey, as if you couldn’t possibly eat anything else. They’re usually shocked when I inform them about all the vegetarian options such as Quorn roast, or a nut roast, but at the end of the day he could have pizza if he really wanted! It doesn’t matter!

    If someone had asked me when the English Civil War was I wouldn’t have even got close to the actual date! I would have probably said the 1800s! History isn’t taught well in school in the UK. I never studied about important historical events, like this. I don’t even know why someone would ask a question like this, or about your ability to read. It’s just rude.

    1. I can’t remember the history I learned in school, but I was saying that someone that works in a museum and talks about the items on display should know when the Civil War was. 🙂
      Well, it was funny to get these questions because they were so absurd. x

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