Easter and Lymm Duck Race

This year for Easter we’ve had a pretty bad weather. So, we’ve spent a lot of time at home. But, on Easter Monday, even if it rained, we went to Lymm to see the Duck Race.

Easter and Lymm Duck Race 2018

Festus is modeling the bunny ears. I was behind him, making sure he is not removing (and eating) the bunny ears.

Easter and Lymm Duck Race

It was fun. Getting him to stay with things on this head is not as easy as it looks when you see a photograph. It’s always funny and he gets some treats.
I was considering getting a bunny tutu for him, but surely that would have made the things more difficult. Also, he is a dog, so a tutu is not manly enough for a self-respecting dog.

 Easter and Lymm Duck Race

I think everybody is curious on what I’ve prepared for Easter. I know I am. One of the reasons I make this posts is that next year I’m going to have a look and make my new Easter menu.

Easter 2018

This is our Easter menu. I mentioned details about everything, see on my food blog: Easter menu 2018. I did prepare a lot.

Easter eggs

The Easter eggs must have a special mention, as it’s something we are always making only for Easter.

After wondering if we should go to Lymm or not, we’ve went there. I think the organization could have been a bit better. Many streets were blocked for parking, but without having a lot of traffic on them.

 Easter and Lymm Duck Race 2018

It was very busy and we’ve changed the viewing point a couple of times as it was so crowded. Before Easter I’ve talked about the duck race with a few that had no idea about the race and it was hilarious. Explaining to people that rubber ducks are thrown into the water to see which one is first was a bit fun to say the least.

Easter and Lymm Duck Race 2018

It was fun. I bought a book from a charity shop, a great find.

This is what we’ve done this Easter. How did you spend your days?

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