Vegan in Poland

Today I am talking about what it means to be a vegan in Poland, more specifically a vegan traveller in Krakow and Przemyśl. We stayed for 2 days in Krakow and we passed through Przemyśl twice, on our way to Ukraine. I could not take pictures of one of the delicious meals we had in […]


Interesting things about Italy

It’s January, I’m spending every day thinking of one assignment or another (one of them is the dissertation), so I thought I should make a couple of posts on Italy, just to remind myself of the holiday we had last year. I still have some pictures from places we visited last year in UK, but […]


Vegan in Italy

I promised to write about how difficult it is to be vegan in Italy. We’ve spent almost two weeks there and travelled in many northern cities, so I think I got a pretty good idea of how it is. After coming back I had a chat with a vegan Italian and they agreed with pretty […]


Bergamo was not on my list of places to visit in Italy before arriving in Italy. After a chat with an Italian who lives in Milan, my husband and I said we should visit Bergamo on our last day in Italy, before our flight (which was in the evening). We assumed that Bergamo is a […]


I will make a quick round-up of Milan, starting the places I already blogged about before sharing a few more pictures from the city. Science Museum Milan is a must see in Milan. I loved it, it is a fantastic place. Another must see is Castello Sforzesco, a very cheap ticket gives you access to […]

display at Science Museum Milan

Science Museum Milan

This is my last post on a specific place in Italy. I will share two more round-ups, Milan and Bergamo, and I plan to write some posts on topics such as renting a car or what to expect as a vegan in Italy. Until then, let’s talk about the Science Museum Milan, which is fantastic. […]

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco is a museum complex in Milan, which is well worth visiting. The castle is gorgeous and there are a few museums to see too. The entry fee is only €5 per person for all the museums, so it’s incredibly cheap. I would suggest allowing for a day to visit the museum, considering that […]

Duomo Monza


Yesterday I blogged about Autodromo Nazionale Monza and today I’m going to talk about the city. Monza is a small city close to Milan, there are lots of trains, so it’s perfect for a day-trip from Milan. The trains are often and cheap, I would highly recommend using those. As a city, it is not […]

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

This week is the race at Monza, so I’ve decided to keep for now the pictures from our visit to the track from a couple of months ago. It was so exciting. We booked tickets for the guided tour and also for the track tour. The tour is about 60 minutes and the guide tells […]

Duomo Milan

Duomo Milan

Duomo Milan or Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica of the Nativity of Saint Mary was gorgeous to see. I share a lot of pictures from our visit, including from the archaeological area and the rooftop. Enjoy!