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My garden in July

My garden in July looks great. I am so happy to see all the plants and flowers in bloom. We are spending lots of time in the garden, as we’ve been doing for the past year. This weekend it will be very hot, so we’ll stay in the garden with Festus, giving him quick showers (which he hates) to cool him down.

My garden in July

Last year we bought the benches and both had some issues with the lids. My husband contacted the brand and sent them a few pictures of the lids. So, we’ve received replacement lids for the benches, in light grey. I like the contrast and I think the benches look better now. Also, I was very happy with the brand, they sent the replacements fast. We’ve recycled the old lids at the local recycling centre, as we go there once every 2-3 weeks to recycle UHT containers.

Pear tree

My husband pruned the small pear tree and now it is growing better, with more branches. I am very happy with it, it looks very nice.


The Delphinium – guardian lavender – is in bloom and looks lovely. It should stay in bloom for another month. After that I need to cut it to ground level. The nearby white chrysanthemum is blooming too.

Fig tree

The fig tree is growing fast and now it is much bigger than last year.

Purple flower

Alstroemeria Flowers

White Dahlia

This white dahlia is from last year.


These are new dahlias and I hope they will keep for next year too because they are so cute.

Lupin Flowers

The Lupin should stay in bloom until September and I hope it will because it’s beautiful.

Sincerity Dahlia

Sincerity Dahlia keeps making new flowers. I love how delicate they look.


The globemaster allium is drying now. I will cut and dry it indoors, hopefully it will dry nicely. The other alliums are starting to bloom though and I can’t wait to see them in bloom.


Festus is keeping an eye on the neighbours.


These lilies are so nice, they keep for longer than the ones I got last year. I am still waiting for other lilies to bloom, but it is nice to have lilies in bloom at different times of the year.


Fruits and herbs

The strawberries are doing well. I will make another pot with strawberries from runners produced by the old plant. By the end of the week I will buy the new pot and sort them out. The plant produced lots of strawberries and it looks so nice and green, I would like to have another one.

The raspberry had problems with pests. I didn’t want to do anything, but it is killing the plant. Also, these caterpillars are not for butterflies, but moths, so next year I will use pesticide for them. I wish I didn’t have to. If I knew that raspberry bushes have this problems, I would have bought another kind of bush, as not all summer fruits bushes have problems like this.


The apples are growing lovely. All three branches made apples and I can’t wait to start harvesting them. This is a family-tree, with three branches that produce three different kinds of apples.

Tomato plants

The tomato plants and the beets are growing. No flowers and tomatoes so far, but it looks nice, so I’m not bothered.


The sage is looking lovely and big.


This is a bit of salad. I bought it from the supermarket with its roots still on. So, I snapped the leaves and put the roots in a pot in the conservatory. After a day I took this picture. In 4-5 days the salad leaves are about 5cm in height. How cool is that. In a week I should be able to harvest some lovely salad from it.

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  1. Your garden is so neat and beautiful!
    I love the colours and variety. Sincerity is such a beautiful Dahlia!
    I’ve been really pleased with my Dahlias so far this year. I intend to dig up the tubers once the foliage has died back and wrap them in newspaper and put in the garage as apparently that makes them grow back each year but it’ll be the first time I try it.
    We’ve had no luck with our Apple tree in the last 3 years but we planted it in the ground this year and we’ve got apples on the way which I’m excited about!
    Your lilies are so cheerful! What variety of tomatoes do you Have? I was going to do the same with the supermarket lettuce but I’ve forgotten to do it and come away. Rats!

  2. I absolutely love how vibrant and colourful your flowers are against those white walls – your dahlias are amazing, none of mine are out yet! And wow, congrats on growing some salad from a supermarket, I’ve done this with herbs but never lettuce. Hope Festus doesn’t overheat too much, our cats are not at all happy! Thank you for sharing your garden update 🙂

    1. Around half of the dahlias from last year survived, but I replaced them with new ones this year and they look really good. I might get even more next year because they are so nice. The salad is feeling the heat, so I’m not sure if I will be able to harvest it, but I leave it on its own.
      I watch Festus as a hawk, making sure he stays in the shaded part of the garden and I give him showers about 2-3 times a day, just sprinkling some water on him. He is very old, so I check regularly that he is not overheating. This weather is a bit of a pain for us and we don’t have all the fur our pets have. 🙂

  3. So cool you managed to replant some salad from the supermarket. I tried once but failed – I will try again.
    Maybe Festus would enjoy it more if cover him or you give him a wet towel or a blanket to cool down. I sometimes cover myself with a wet towel when I get sick from the heat and it helps. I don’t know if it is something a dog would enjoy, but maybe it is.
    Ivana Split recently posted…FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY: SUMMER IS IN THE AIRMy Profile

    1. For us a wet towel would be great, but for him it would be a toy perfect for tug-of-war. So I keep giving him quick showers, cold water, and I also sprinkle water around him.

  4. Everything looks wonderful. Your flowers are all gorgeous and I can imagine how lovely it is to spend time out there. I might have trouble focusing on anything other than the view! Clearly Festus enjoys it.

    The apple tree sounds really fun. What are the three varieties? (I can’t remember if you’ve told us before.)
    Kelly recently posted…Fourth of July, 2021My Profile

    1. I wrote about the tree when I got it just to know what I got, but that was last year. There are different mixes of apples in this kind of trees. They also have pears with different varieties. Mine has Cox, James Grieve, and Katy. Two of them will be ready in September and the other one in October.

  5. Wow — what a difference form the last garden post! And glorgeous! It’s like a box of crayola crayons exploded and spread their color all over your garden. It’s beautiful — and I really like the benches, too.

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