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Brimstage Maize Maze

Brimstage maize maze 4

The last few days we were busy with work, Saturday we went shopping and Sunday we’ve decided to stay in. Yesterday, at lunch we had a few hours and as I’ve read about Brimstage Maize Maze on a blog, we decided to give it a try. We’ve been to Brimstage Hall a few times, as it’s very close to where we live, but we didn’t know about the maze. At almost £8 per person, I thought it’s a little overpriced, but I was so wrong! We had a lot of fun and the entrance fee fully deserves the price tag and it covers the 3 mazes and different attractions, like Pedal Go-Karts, Zip line and a few more for smaller kids.

A few words about the maze. The maze has a new design every year and it’s made in the maize crop. There are clues and riddles along the maze, to make it a little more interesting. This is an aerial view of the 2014 maze. The elephant in the right corner is the small maze and there are another 2, bigger.

Brimstage maize maze 2014

I wasn’t expecting such big crops, it was a lovely surprise. The weather was changing a lot, it was sunny then cloudy and so on.

Brimstage maize maze

Brimstage maize maze 3

Brimstage maize maze 5

Brimstage maize maze 6

Brimstage maize maze 7

Brimstage maize maze 9

Brimstage maize maze 8

At a crossroad I was trying to look scared, but hubby took pictures only after I was bursting into laugh. It was so easy to act like children.


Brimstage maize maze 10

Brimstage maize maze 11

Hubby told me the wellies weren’t necessary and it was true, except for this part. So I still think that my butterfly wellies were very handy.

Brimstage maize maze 12

We finished the 3rd maze!

Brimstage maize maze finish

After finishing the maze, we went to the courtyard where are the attractions. It was pretty hard to keep my balance on top of that pipe in wellies. But I do felt like a fashion model.

Brimstage maize maze 13

Brimstage maize maze 14

The Pedal Go-Kart track was so much fun! We both loved it. As it was a Monday there weren’t a lot of visitors at the track in that time, so we had it for ourselves and even race a bit. As I started from pole position and the track was narrow, hubby was unable to overtake me. All those hours of watching F1 races helped a lot and I defended my place fiercely. It’s also true that after 5 laps I was exhausted.

Brimstage maize maze 15

Brimstage maize maze 16

Brimstage maize maze 17

Hubby convinced me that the Zip line is for adults too, like the Go-Karts.

Brimstage maize maze 18

It was great, loved every second on it!

Brimstage maize maze 19

Brimstage maize maze 20

Brimstage maize maze 21

Brimstage maize maze 22

We had a great couple of hours. I couldn’t recommend more this place.

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  1. That maze looks so cool (and a little bit scary!) It looks like you had a really fun day out! 🙂

  2. Wow that maze is really awesome. 🙂 You looked like you had a terrific day 🙂

    I always get so scared that I would never be able to find my way out those mazes. hehehe

    1. Thanks xx
      We had the pink flag if we needed help, but it was easy to get to the end of the maze. We both enjoyed it very much.

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