Wild wings

September 2020

A few things happened in September and the most important one was that Festus turned 11! Also, I started my second year at Oxford, which is exciting and scary at the same time, as I have two essays to write by mid-November. I’m part time and still working, so time is limited. I had a […]

Festus’s 11th Birthday

A couple of days ago it was Festus’s 11th Birthday. I’ll share lots of pictures from the day, so I hope that you’ll enjoy them. He was very curious how his bottle of ChamPaws is. Didn’t like the taste, but loved the bottle. He loves Champagne bottles. I shared a short clip with him getting […]


August 2020

If my last month I said it could be described with the word gardening, this month the word would be: food! Thanks to Rishi Sunak [for non-Brits – he is Chancellor of the Exchequer, appointed in Feb this year] and his marvellous idea of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme [the state pays for […]

dog playing with ball

A dog and three lions

Festus’ 11th birthday is next month, so it’s pretty amazing that he is still so playful and full of energy. He has some age related issues, but these do not stop him from enjoying his life to the fullest. Enjoy pictures and a short, 2 minutes, clip with him. In the movie I give him […]


July 2020

I can characterize this month by a single word: gardening! We were very busy with the garden and, somehow unfortunately for our neighbours, we’ve involved them too. We’ve started with the back of the garden and went on to one side, this meant we had to change one of the concrete posts, that was cracked. […]

Magpie looking at himself

Magpie visit

I had another post planned for today, but, earlier this morning, a magpie visited our window sill and I was able to take a few pictures of him. First of all I should mention that our first floor windows have a mirror film installed on them. This way, I can have the privacy, as from […]

Cazino Constanta

Where I grew up

I do not talk often of my childhood, so I thought it would be interesting for my readers to see where I grew up. I do not have pictures, as I did not think of taking any of the places I am so familiar with. So, instead, I searched on google and their embedded street […]

My TBR Pile #3

My TBR Pile #3

It’s been two months since I shared a reading list, so is just the right time for my TBR Pile #3, here are the second one and the first one. This time I was able to take the picture of the books in my new bookcase. I’m so pleased with how the bookcases look like. […]

Festus on his new bed

June 2020

We’ve spent this month at home, as we were in lockdown, but we also had a renovation project (or three) and, of course, I had my exams. I’m not going to talk about the latter, as I mentioned this topic a couple of times this month, but I’m going to talk about the former. My […]

Studying at Oxford. Year 1

I was keen to write the Studying at Oxford. Year 1 post. I talked about each term: Michaelmas, Hilary, and Trinity. I also mentioned how I prepare for exams in another blog post. But the overall picture can get lost, so I wanted to remember how many things I did in this first year, and, […]