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Vegan in Poland

Today I am talking about what it means to be a vegan in Poland, more specifically a vegan traveller in Krakow and Przemyśl. We stayed for 2 days in Krakow and we passed through Przemyśl twice, on our way to Ukraine. I could not take pictures of one of the delicious meals we had in Przemyśl, at the train station, which was a shame. Although, the same place had no vegan options for breakfast.


The first thing we saw after we landed in Poland was these pretzels in Krakow airport. We had to have one. In Romanian these are called Polish pretzels, so it seemed very appropriate.


Coming back to Poland from Ukraine, we had to spend the night in Przemyśl because it was too late to get a train to Krakow. So, the so-called 3 stars hotel (it was appalling to say the least), we were treated to this amazing array of vegan options.
Besides the lunch we had at the train station, there were no vegan options besides some pretzels from a shop. We didn’t stay too long and decided to go to Krakow instead.

breakfast at the hotel

In Krakow we stay at a suitable 3 stars hotel which offered this variant of an English breakfast, more healthy than the original. It did have non-vegan sausages and lots of other non-vegan stuff (cheese, meat). I was happy with it though, the veggies were cooked nicely and, maybe in a strange way, it worked. They did have some vegan milk, but I only drink black coffee.


We went to a vegan restaurant, there are a few of them in Krakow. It is called Veganic and it is a posh place. It was very busy, so no pictures of the location. We had some violet lemonade, in a carafe.


I had pierogi and they were delicious, filled with tofu and potatoes, on a bed of sour cream. I would gladly have this again. I am very keen on pierogi and the Ukrainian version, varenyky.

Oyster mushrooms

My husband chose the oyster mushrooms. The red beets were cooked in wine and the puree was fantastic. It is a fancy and delicious dish.

There were quite a few other options we would have liked to try, so I would go to this restaurant again when I’m in Krakow.


We had cakes as well, different ones. This was a tiramisu with cherries and the other one was pistachio. Both were good. They had quite a few other desserts, including a lemon tart and a chocolate tart. Desserts are quite the thing in Poland from what I saw.


We had some coffee with desserts, very interesting. The one with the apple was called Apple Cake Coffee. I can’t remember what the other one was called.


Pretzels, all the pretzels. I had pretzels for lunch and dinner because I just love these. They were hot and in a location we were continuously passing by, so pretty much that we had for the rest of the time we were in Krakow. I loved these pretzels so much that I bought a pair of sock with pretzels on it and “I love Krakow”.

corn puffs

Corn puffs, from a shop in an area of Krakow which is not central. I love corn puffs since I was a child, so had to have these. We also got some snacks from that place. The shop looked wonderful with a lot of fresh veggies, but we were in a hotel, so we couldn’t buy any. If we would have been in an aparthotel or similar, we would have bought lots of deliciously looking tomatoes.


Cakes in a non-vegan cafe. Look how gorgeous these are. They were delicious as well, less sweet than the ones we have in UK.


This is how the cafe looked like.

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  1. Ah yes being vegan is challenging in most places. But you looked liked you did fairly well. For the most part I am seeing a lot of tasty food. I would love to visit Poland one day. I am part Polish my grandmother was Polish her farther came from Poland with her mom who passed at young age. He was from Warsaw I knew him when I was little. He did not speak English that well and spoke mostly Polish. He was very quite when I knew him as he was in his 90s.

    1. Poland is lovely. I would like to go back and visit more of the country. I hope you will be able to visit Poland someday.

  2. Those pierogi look good, and I love pretzels. If they’re the big, soft ones, I like to eat them with yellow mustard. I’d be interested in tasting the violet lemonade.
    Kelly recently posted…2024 extras #4 📚My Profile

    1. The thin pretzels were so good, they had cumin or sunflower seeds or sesame seeds on them. If anyone was buying more than 1 or 2, a queue was forming because they were so good. I imagine in the summer there is a constant queue. 😀
      The vegan restaurant was great and I liked the lemonade very much.

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