Holodomor Museum

Holodomor Museum

One of the main reasons I went to Ukraine was to see Holodomor Museum. For my Master’s I am studying an Anglo-American journalist who denied that the famine of 1932-1933 was happening in the ussr. In Ukraine, which was the breadbasket of ussr and both the most affected by the famine, this genocide is remembered […]

Lviv Opera

Walk through Lviv

Walk through Lviv is an opportunity to share a few more pictures from that beautiful city. I will also talk about the place where we stayed, at the end of the post. I shared a few posts on museums and places I’ve been to, so there is no need to make a round-up of those. […]

vyshyvanka for women

What I bought from Ukraine

I want to share what I bought from Ukraine. In the post I will describe the items, as some of them have a very special meaning. I also received some gifts that I will mention at the end of the post. Vyshyvanka is the Ukrainian traditional shirt. The Vyshyvanka is seen as a talisman, protecting […]


Lvivarnya Brewery Museum

Lvivarnya Brewery Museum was the last place we visited in Ukraine. We wanted to do something relaxing and fun before doing our volunteering and leaving for Poland. This is such a wonderful place, it is a museum, a brewery, and a bar. There are display boards in English too, which is very helpful, because the […]

Territory of Terror

Territory of Terror and Lonsky Prison Museum

Lonsky Prison Museum and Territory of Terror are two museums in Lviv which should be visited by anyone who goes to Ukraine. I was so impressed, as a historian, by how Ukrainians decided to commemorate their recent past. I’ll talk about both in the same post because they are quite emotionally draining to see and […]

cakes at Kitsube

Vegan in Ukraine

Today I’m sharing a post on how it is to travel as a vegan in Ukraine. The answer is that is not difficult if you are in big cities such as Lviv and Kyiv. We mostly had our meals in restaurants, but we did go to a vegan shop and cooked ourselves when we stayed […]

St. Michael's Church Kyiv

Burned russian metal, Kyiv

Today the aggressor state – russia – celebrates victory over Nazis. putin said in his speech that ussr was alone against all of Europe and that China fought bravely against the Japanese. The situation in russia is bad to say the least. But they do value their “heroes”, like Colonel omurbekov, who commanded the occupation […]

Lviv History Museum

4 Museums in Lviv

Today I’m making a round-up of 4 Museums in Lviv. There will be 2 more posts with museums, but these 4 were smaller and they can be grouped together. All these 4 museums are a few minutes from one another. It took us about an hour to visit each one of them, as we did […]

Maidan remembered

Ukraine remembers its heroes

Ukraine remembers its heroes, that was so obvious in Lviv and Kyiv. I will share pictures with short descriptions from both cities. The pictures are grouped on theme and not on place, but the events are shared chronologically. The first mention is of the Heavenly Hundred memorial in Saint Michael’s Square. Saint Michael’s was torn […]


Trip to Ukraine. Why and How

I had no memories of Ukraine because I’ve never been there before. I had images of Ukraine and ideas of what Ukraine meant by following the news, reading the history of the country, interacting with Ukrainians, following closely the developments on the frontline (watching trench footage and drone footage), and donating to different causes (lethal […]