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Lvivarnya Brewery Museum

Lvivarnya Brewery Museum was the last place we visited in Ukraine. We wanted to do something relaxing and fun before doing our volunteering and leaving for Poland.

Lvivarnya Brewery Museum outside

This is such a wonderful place, it is a museum, a brewery, and a bar. There are display boards in English too, which is very helpful, because the place is big and there are a lot of things to see.


The story starts with how beer was made throughout history. There are photos and reproductions on display, a certificate of a brewer, details on vocabulary. For example the basement is called pyvnytsya in Ukrainian, the place where beer is to be drunk, and it’s called pivniță in Romanian. In Romanian it means basement where food and drinks are stored, but without the beer connection.

beer making

This is an apparatus for mixing beer from the 20th century. It looks so cool.

interactive room

The images are from an interactive room which had projections on the walls and floor.

photo opportunity

The bar was for photo opportunities and proved popular while we were there. We had to wait for our turn.


The labels are from the 1930s and the other one from 2018, a tribute to the past. Lwow is the Polish spelling of Lviv.



From the museum, passing through this “pipe”, we got to the brewery part of the building.


This is the fermentation tank, if I got that correctly. On the ceiling there are pieces of old barrels of beer as decoration. Doesn’t it look spectacular?


There is a long line of labels for people to enjoy browsing. I liked the inclusion of the magnifying glass. While we were in a bit of a hurry, I would like to go back and look more closely to the labels.

beer making

We could see the beer bottles passing by. This is where the beer is made.


We got to the bar section, where visitors can have a beer tasting, buy beer, and snacks.

beer tasting

We shared the beer tasting. It was lovely. We had a great time at the Lvivarnya Brewery Museum, it is a really unique and interesting place.

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    1. I think you would. I know that you like trying different kinds of beer, so the beer tasting is something you would enjoy. I did.

      The issue with the pictures is that in reality the place is so much bigger and impressive. The tank installation is 2 floors in height. I saw pictures of it before going and I was still impressed when I saw it in person.

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