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Carbonniere Tower

Carbonniere Tower is a 14th century tower in Southern France, close to Aigues-Mortes. Because I have so many pictures of it, I’ve decided to make a dedicated post instead of including it in a round-up. I think I like the moody feel of the pictures as well. It was the only cloudy day we had in our trip to France, so we’ve decided to spend it closer to where we stayed and not travel to a big city.

Carbonniere Tower

This was made as watchtower to protect Aigues-Mortes, from which I’m going to share pictures next week.







The view over the Petite Camargue was impressive even on a cloudy day.


This is the road towards the tower.

tower exit


This is not a great photo because I took it with my phone. But, at the same time, it shows how closely and visible the flamingos and the bulls were.

tower exterior

There is a path between the tower and the car park. It is a wooden path build over the marshes. That makes it a wonderfully interesting experience.



tower and path

The path is quite long, as the tower is not visible from the car park.


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  1. This looks like a fascinating place and the wooden walkway is impressive. Someone went to a lot of trouble to build that. What is the inside of the tower like?

    1. The picture above the “window” for the arrows is of the room in the tower. I think that was the only one. As a watchtower it had thick walls and a very basic interior.

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