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Rynek Underground Museum

Rynek Underground Museum is a new museum, opened in 2010 on ancient history. It is very nice, underneath an old market square. The museum has a lot of interesting artefacts on display, quite a lot. I would suggest allowing for 2 hours to visit. If you plan to see all the clips, which have English subtitles, a bit more would be great.

The market is beautiful and very busy. The whole area is great, with lots of restaurants, which must be amazing in the summer. Even in April, when we went there, a lot of people were enjoying drinks outside. This museum is between the three churches I mentioned in the last post, which were a few minutes from one another.

 Rynek Underground Museum

The items on display have a Polish and an English description, which is very helpful. Among the most interesting things there: a 693 kg medieval piece of lead; a reconstructed 12th-century workshop; a burned settlement dating from the eleventh century.

Besides these there are a lot of artefacts which were expected, like the knife from the picture below and all sort of things, from household items to clothing, coins, and jewellery. The knife below is from early 1400s.



 Rynek Underground Museum



The artefacts are on a path, a few metres apart, and displayed by type, like these keys.


These are games.




These clips were very interesting. I enjoyed them very much.


This is the remains of a medieval road, the cobbled pathways in the Cloth Hall.

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  1. Oh wow I love the way the path/stones are displayed under clear glass beneath your feet! The keys and games look really cool! I love the way they showed them. The subterranean location of it is really atmospheric! You’re making me ponder a Polish holiday!

    1. The keys and games were presented interestingly. On their own, so easier to look at differences between them. Smaller displays can work better.
      The museum is huge, I was surprised by the sheer scale of it, which is not possible to photograph.

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