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Churches in Krakow

Only when I reviewed and photoshoped the pictures for this post, Churches in Krakow, I realised how many churches we saw. So, instead of having a lot of pictures from each, I made quite a few collages. Even so, there are 18 pictures in total. In 2 days of visiting, this is impressive. The main reason we saw so many is the sheer number of churches which are close to each other, I mean three of them are within 3 minutes walk. Also, because we had a quick look around, it is possible to see a lot without spending too much time with each one of them.

 Kościół MB Częstochowskiej w Krakowie

Kościół MB Częstochowskiej w Krakowie –  Our Lady of Częstochowa Parish. It was built in late communist period, starting in 1984. On their website it says that the church is made of two parts, the lower part of brick and above there is a steel structure of 36 m. The cross on top is 10 m in height. The roof of the church is broken to resemble the structure of a spatial crystal. 2,000 people can attend service there.

inside the church

From outside it is impressive and the interior is just as beautiful and unusual. It is a piece of art.

church exterior

The exterior features are stunning.

Bazylika Nawiedzenia - outside

Bazylika Nawiedzenia – Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary – dates back to the late 14th century. It is the first Carmelite Church in Krakow.

Bazylika Nawiedzenia - inside

Interior of Bazylika Nawiedzenia, looking beautiful. As it is such an old church it has quite a history.

Bazylika Mariacka - St. Mary's Basilica

Bazylika Mariacka – St. Mary’s Basilica – is in the city centre. There are 2 more churches in the same place, exactly on the right and another one at about 3-4 minutes walk.

St. Mary’s Basilica dates back to the late 13th century and it was built on the foundations of a former Romanesque church.

Inside St. Mary's Basilica

The interior is stunning with that gorgeous ceiling. They have tours, but mainly in Polish. The pictures cannot do justice to the beauty of this place.

Collage of pictures from the church

Kościół św. Barbary w Krakowie

Kościół św. Barbary w Krakowie is the church exactly near the previous one. The people on the right were looking at the exterior of St. Mary’s Basilica. This church is almost as old as St. Mary’s, dating to the mid 14th century.

Inside Kościół św. Barbary w Krakowie

Its interior looks different, there are paintings on the ceiling instead of the blue and gold seen in the previous church.

Detail of statue

The amount of detail of statues is so impressive.

Kościół Świętego Wojciecha

Kościół Świętego Wojciecha – Church of St. Wojciech. It is an imposing Romanesque church dating from the 11th century, with a Baroque dome. While the documents mention the church in the 16th century, excavations show that a wooden church was there in the 11th century.

Inside Kościół Świętego Wojciecha

Inside the church there is another spectacular ceiling which is very different from the previous two ones. Those lines are so beautiful. It is an unique place to see.

Wawel Cathedral

Wavel Cathedral is the most impressive one, but we were not allowed to take pictures inside. This place is ticketed. It was the church of Polish kings for four hundred years and all the kings of Poland were crowned here, with only 2 exceptions.

Wawel Cathedral is also where the Polish monarchs were buried, starting from mid-1300s. For example King Władysław Jagiełło and Jan III Sobieski are buried here. There are quite a few sarcophagi to see in the church.

It is also one of the oldest churches, not only in Poland, but in the world, with its building date being in the late 11th century. That means it is similar to Westminster Abbey in importance. It was changed many times, as one can imagine.

exterior of Wawel Cathedral

Door to Wawel Cathedral

The door is lovely. This is where the tour starts and the last thing I could photograph.


People were also allowed to take pictures of the bell, so I got one. There were a lot of people, so I don’t have another one without people in it. There is a larger bell, but everyone was taking pictures underneath it, so there are no pictures of that.

Wawel Cathedral

Searching for the names of the churches in Poland I realised how many more there are, with many more looking unusual, thus worth visiting.

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    1. The architecture of some of the new churches is just stunning. I searched online something like “unusual churches in Poland” and the results are so interesting. I would happily go on a trip to see churches in Poland, they are really gorgeous.
      Unlike from the ones I saw in Italy, which is a very small number, of course, the ones in Poland have more unusual features, both inside and outside.

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