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Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle was on my list of places to visit for a while and we’ve been in Windsor a few times, but never when the castle was open to the visitors. I highly recommend visiting the castle, but also allowing for about 4 hours if you don’t get an audio guide and about 5 if you have the audio guide as well. The ticket can be made into an yearly pass free of charge, so do consider that if you think you can visit the castle again a few months later.

We couldn’t take pictures inside. We visited the State apartments and the Doll House, which turns 100 this year. I bought 2 books on the Doll House and I would visit the castle again just to see it. While I knew a lot about it, the sheer scale of it and the details are so incredible that it is worth visiting again.

Guard changing

We saw the Changing of the guard just before we got our tickets.


In the queue, which is long and there were still tickets left (I can’t even imagine how it is in the summer months), and tickets are timed as well. It is very popular with tourists.

Visitor entrance

We had our tickets checked and we went through security (airport style security).

Castle gate

Windsor Castle



Building from 1500s

Post box

One of few post boxes within the castle walls.


Two queues – the long one on the left for the Dolls House and State Apartments, and the shorter one on the right for State Apartments only.



vegan food

We stopped for lunch at the cafe in Windsor, it is within the castle, so a very special location. They had quite a few vegan options, reflecting the King’s views on eating less meat for climate change.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

 St George Chapel

We went to the chapel and we passed by the late Queen’s tomb. I got a bit emotional, remembering when I went for the Lying in State at Westminster at her death, here is my post about it.

Windsor Castle



This is the view exiting the castle.

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  1. I know that view! I see the Edinburgh shop! We visited the chapel for Evensong but when we were there in ’18, the doll house was under restoration. I plan to book a tour to the castle on this next trip, one that includes the doll house. I figured that would make transport and ticketing easy. (I think we’ll do Bletchey on our own. Hopefully in October crowds will be smaller.)

    Your photos are terrific and make me want to go all the more. Thanks, Anca!

    1. In October it should be similar to how it was for us, smaller crowds which are pretty big anyway. The Doll House is fascinating. I didn’t imagine is that big and so detailed, despite seeing snippets of it on Royal Family’s social media. I think you will love it.

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