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What I bought from France

I made a post with what I bought from Ukraine, so today I am talking about what I bought from France. We spent 2 weeks there and I got some pretty random and fun things.

What I bought from France

These are all the things I bought or my husband bought as a gift for me. I will talk about each one in particular, because flying home with a bag of rice sounds crazy, but it is less crazy when you know the story behind it.

salt, biscuits, and rice

Salt, biscuits, and rice! Biscuits because my husband liked these and we took a bag with us home. They are traditional to the area, Provence.

We stayed for part of our trip in Grau du Roi, which is a place on the coast of the Mediterranean. On our way there we saw a few fields of rice. I had no idea that rice is grown in France, but it is. This bag of rice, which was bought from a local supermarket has rice in it probably from the fields we passed by. The label has a flamingo on it because there are wild flamingos in the same area.

In the same area there are salt works. Both types of salt are locally made. The pink one is made with red wine, I just had to try that. The glass jar is from a truffle shop. They had oils and salts. The truffles were harvested from Avignon, one of the places we’ve been to as well.

Soap and Flamingo

Soap and Flamingo. The flamingo was a surprise from my husband. He picked it up when he bought the baguette and fresh veggies. I was never into flamingos, but I loved seeing them in the wild. They were visible from the car, on canals, chilling and eating.

The soap is from Marseille. It’s a cube and I had to have it. It’s lovely and I see why there were so many soap shops. It was hard to pick one as I liked a lot of them.


A picture with the wild flamingos, taken with my phone. We were a few metres away from them. Aren’t they just the cutest?


Book and bookmark from the gift shop of the cave. I like reading about prehistoric caves. I find them fascinating. So, we went to see the reproduction of one of these caves in Marseille. The real cave is nearby and it’s impossible to reach unless you are a very experienced diver as the cave’s entrance is 37 metres underwater. It was one of the highlights of my visit to Marseille.

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  1. Salt made with red wine? I would love to try that, I’m sure it has a really interesting and unusual flavour. And I also enjoyed the explanation of why you brought back a bag of rice – I had no idea France grew rice!

    1. It was a bit crazy to get a bag of rice from France, but it makes for a fun memory too. The flooded fields looked sad until we were told that in fact they are rice fields.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your items on Instagram, so I’m glad to know more about them. I think flamingos are such funny, cute birds! I don’t think I knew rice grew in France. We use to have rice farms in the Arkansas Delta (near the Mississippi River) and at one time (maybe still) Arkansas was the number one rice producing state in the US. I still make a point of only buying Arkansas rice at the store.

    1. I had no idea there are rice farms in US. It seems rice is viewed so much as Asian that we find it strange if it’s grown anywhere else, despite being a food that all (most) of us have in our pantry.

        1. Thank you for the link. I had a look and its history is interesting. The production of rice seems to grow, which is fascinating too.

  3. What great buys!
    I had no idea that rice is grown in France either. How wonderful that you got a bag of it. That pink salt does sound interesting. I would have wanted to try that too!

    1. They had a few different types of salt, with herbs, charcoal, but this one with red wine was the most unusual one, so I had to get it.

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