Lviv History Museum

4 Museums in Lviv

Today I’m making a round-up of 4 Museums in Lviv. There will be 2 more posts with museums, but these 4 were smaller and they can be grouped together. All these 4 museums are a few minutes from one another. It took us about an hour to visit each one of them, as we did […]

Winchester Cathedral


Today I’m going to share pictures from Winchester. We had a lovely day trip there, which included a visit to Winchester Museums, lunch in a pub, and seeing the stunning Winchester Cathedral. This post has a lot of pictures, so please ask if you are curious on what’s on them and so on. The Great […]


Vegan in Poland

Today I am talking about what it means to be a vegan in Poland, more specifically a vegan traveller in Krakow and Przemyśl. We stayed for 2 days in Krakow and we passed through Przemyśl twice, on our way to Ukraine. I could not take pictures of one of the delicious meals we had in […]

May Morning

May Morning is a 500 year old tradition which involves the Magdalen Choir singing at 6am on 1 May morning on top of the Magdalen Chapel Tower. There are dancing performances throughout the city. I shared two funny stories and a lot of pictures from the day. We left our hotel early and, as we […]

Nancy Pelosi

April 2024

April was great because we went to Leeds for jousting, to Manchester for CuppaPug, had a day trip to Winchester, and because I saw Nancy Pelosi at an event in Oxford. But, it was amazing, because we went to Ukraine! Firstly, these are two pictures with Nancy Pelosi. She is fantastic, on heels, full of […]

Maidan remembered

Ukraine remembers its heroes

Ukraine remembers its heroes, that was so obvious in Lviv and Kyiv. I will share pictures with short descriptions from both cities. The pictures are grouped on theme and not on place, but the events are shared chronologically. The first mention is of the Heavenly Hundred memorial in Saint Michael’s Square. Saint Michael’s was torn […]


Trip to Ukraine. Why and How

I had no memories of Ukraine because I’ve never been there before. I had images of Ukraine and ideas of what Ukraine meant by following the news, reading the history of the country, interacting with Ukrainians, following closely the developments on the frontline (watching trench footage and drone footage), and donating to different causes (lethal […]


Koocha Mezze Bar

Koocha Mezze Bar is a vegan restaurant in Bristol. The food is lovely and the atmosphere really nice. I highly recommend it and we would be happy to visit them again, if we are going back to Bristol. It is a Persian restaurant, so we knew we are going to love the food. The decor […]

butterfly riffle


Re:Loaded is a special exhibition at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. It was interesting to see and I will share a few highlights from it. I would have to say that they could have done a better job with the descriptions, as we had to take a booklet with us to read the details about […]

Parle Pantry

Parle Pantry

Parle Pantry is a lovely 100% vegan place in London, in the Chiswick area. We went there for breakfast and it was lovely. They have a lot of delicious pastry on offer and cakes. At lunchtime they also do bowls, sandwiches, and wraps. We went for breakfast. We tried three of the four types of […]