New me, thanks to Sassoon Salon

If you’ve read my blog in the last month, you might have seen I attended a blogger event at Sassoon Salon, held at their Liverpool location, in Metquarter. After the event I had consultations for cut, colour and Wella hair care products. During the consultations it was suggested that I get a fringe and a […]

Holy Island, Anglesey

In our holiday to Anglesey, we’ve been to Holy Island. We’ve been there before, at South Stack Cliffs and it’s a beautiful place. This time we’ve explored the island a little bit more. The main city is Holyhead, located halfway up on Anglesey’s west coast. The Island was a landing point between Ireland and Britain […]

5 Good things

It’s been a while from the last good things update because I was quite busy and I wasn’t able to keep up with my schedule. This weekend I should have been heading to Snowdon with other 2 lovely bloggers, but it’s snow on Snowdon, in May! So, we talked and decided to go in June […]

365 Project – April

April was busy and exciting, with a few blogger events, sunny days and snow, a trip to Newcastle for Maker Faire, rainbow pizza. May started great, with the BlogOn Conference on 1st, I will blog about it in the next couple of days. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. Day 92. What I got […]

#WIAW – Carbs

I feel great when I’m on a high carb diet, around 50% of my calories come from carbs. I tried low-carb diets when I was loosing weight and I was reaching the plateau. After 1-2 weeks, when the losing weight process resumed, I was going back to carbs. I am active despite having a job […]

10 Good things

1. New Sofa! The new sofa is finally here, after ordering it at the end of December. I’m happy with it, it’s exactly as I wanted it to be and it’s very comfy. The last sofa we had we got it from a friend after we moved in an unfurnished house. We had to buy […]

Cocktail Masterclass at Black Dog Ballroom

I was invited to Cocktail Masterclass at Black Dog Ballroom in Manchester. The Black Dog Ballroom group is launching new cocktail masterclasses with different themes. It sounded great and I was eager to attend the event. It took place on the rooftop terrace bar at Black Dog Ballroom NWS. Black Dog Ballroom NWS is their […]

10 Good things

This time I have 10 good things and a few more. My DA (Domain Authority) had a 2 points raise this month compared to the last one. I went to feed the birds and I received a beautiful silver gecko necklace from my husband. A few more wonderful things happened, but I’m going to blog […]

Good things

Since the latest good things post, lots of nice things happened, some annoying things too, but what’s the point in talking about those. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to Harrogate to see the Small Animal Show, like last year. Let’s go back to the good things and happy moments. Tomorrow I’m going to London, […]

What’s cooking

I had a couple of posts a few years ago on my cooking adventures and I gave up. Now I want to make it a monthly update because the way I cook changes in time. I also think that this might give my readers some ideas. I tried a lot of new things this month, […]