New cocktail menu at The Pen and Pencil

This week I’ve been invited to sample the new cocktail menu at The Pen and Pencil in Northern Quarter, Manchester. It was the first time I’ve been to The Pen and Pencil and the place looks great. I liked the decor and it was busy on a weekday. Hubby and I had no issues finding […]

125th anniversary – Crufts 2016

This year was the 125th edition of Crufts. I heard about Crufts after I got Festus Vom Hause Mitroi, my wonderful Rottweiler. As an owner of a pedigree dog I have a huge admiration for breeders and their work. I know how much effort goes into each dog to prepare them for shows, to raise […]

Pilates at Runway Pilates

I like working out so much that I consider it to be one of my hobbies. Exercising makes me feel better, sleep better and gives me more energy for everyday tasks. When it comes to exercise I like trying out new things, so I was more than happy to be invited to review Runway Pilates*. […]

Nine to Five Heels

I mentioned that I wear only heels and trainers. I was delighted when I was asked to try the Nine to Five Heels insoles*. I can walk in heels, but if a pair of insoles can make them more comfortable, I would like to take advantage of it. This insoles are specially designed for making […]

National Maritime Museum

After going to the Fan Museum I had a couple of hours before meeting a friend so I’ve decided to visit National Maritime Museum. It was only a few minutes away and it’s free, donations welcome. I didn’t want to pay an entrance fee and not being able to see all the exhibits. The ship […]

Imperial War Museum, Manchester

Although Manchester is close to us, we didn’t visit the museums as we tend to go further on our road trips or days out. Finally we went to see the Imperial War Museum and I like it. I should say I liked most of it, as you’ll see at the end of the post. The […]

Cirquec, burlesque bar in Manchester

Last week hubby and I have been invited to Cirquec, a new champagne burlesque bar in Manchester with shows each Saturday. I liked the idea, so Saturday evening we made the trip to Manchester. Cirquec is a few minutes drive from the city centre, but in a less busy area and on road parking wasn’t […]

3 Hidden places in Liverpool

There are 3 hidden places in Liverpool. Well, they are in fact tourist attractions, but they are underground and not very well known, so I can classify them as hidden. I visited all of them, one of them is not mentioned on the blog and the others are “hidden” in the archives. 1. Mersey Tunnel. […]

V Revolution, review

Last week we’ve been to Manchester for the Museums at Night. We arrived earlier as we had something do to. After we’ve finished, I looked online for a vegetarian bistro/cafe to have a quick meal before going to the museums. We were in the Northern Quarter and I found the V Revolution cafe. They were […]

Old docks, Liverpool

We’ve been to Old docks. The tour was amazing! We’ve learned so many things about Liverpool and its crucial importance in the World’s commerce and development. The docks are situated underneath L1. So, under the restaurants, hotels and great shops we were able to see a small part of such an important historic place. The […]