About me

Hi. I’m Anca.

On my blog I write content that I would love to read again and again, positive things and happy moments. I talk about my travels around UK, my life and my home. I might have a fashion post once in a while too. I’ve started blogging 5 years ago, when I moved to the UK with my husband and our dog, a 7 years old rottweiler named Festus. As I had a lot of major changes, I’ve decided to show a part of my new life in a blog. Focusing on the positive as much as I can, changed me a little. That is what I was looking for, as I strive to be a happier-me. I’m in my 30s and vegetarian, as other things that define me.

I think the easiest way to discover more about me is to read a few posts, about my past, how I met hubby and how the dog changed my life.
I also love cooking and for the last 2 years I baked along Great British Bake Off. A little over two years ago we bought our home and I blogged about my tips for renovating and I’ve made a tour of my garden. I try to have an active lifestyle and you’ll see me sea kayaking, target shooting and jogging if I get the chance.


I hope you’ll enjoy reading my stories, you can follow me on bloglovin, Instagram and twitter.

You can also contact me at anca@ancaslifestyle.co.uk. If you want to see my recipes, they are all on CookStyle. Check my PR page for more details, if you want to work with me.