Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall is a Tudor building in Cheshire, only 50 min. drive from home. I have no idea why we didn’t visit it sooner. It was a family home and it was in the Moreton family until they donated it to National Trust. At times it had tenant farmer, but it was kept in […]

7th wedding anniversary

I consider myself a romantic, but I’m definitely not the Paris&red roses&diner-at-a-restaurant type. I rather have a special diner at home, just the two of us, no fuss, no other people around us. For me the flowers my husband gave me at our first date, 11+ years ago, are more romantic. Or the flowers we […]

Gretna Green

For our anniversary, we’ve visited Gretna Green. It’s a lovely village near the Scottish border. The Blacksmith shop was the first building in Gretna and this was the place where the run-away couples were getting married. In the first room of the Blacksmith museum there are a few stories about elopements and a few wedding […]