Handmade Christmas cards

I was invited by Viking to take part in a Christmas Craft Challenge, #ChristmasCraftChallenge. It was perfect, as I was thinking of making handmade Christmas cards and I needed a boost to start doing them. It might sound puzzling, but there aren’t any Christmas cards for bloggers on the market, so I made a few […]

Saint Nicholas Day

Today is Saint Nicholas and he is still celebrated as a great gift-giver in several Central European countries. I realized I never blogged about it before although hubby and I are celebrating it every year. As Romanian kids, we were taught that we have to clean our footwear and leave it near the windows on […]

Pilates at Runway Pilates

I like working out so much that I consider it to be one of my hobbies. Exercising makes me feel better, sleep better and gives me more energy for everyday tasks. When it comes to exercise I like trying out new things, so I was more than happy to be invited to review Runway Pilates*. […]

Vegetarian Christmas

Vegetarian Christmas is the first post in the series I’m dedicating to the holidays. The next 2 posts will be The Best Christmas gift and Christmas traditions. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 8 years and yet I’m still looking for new recipes and ideas for Christmas. It’s exciting to try new dishes. I tend […]

Nine to Five Heels

I mentioned that I wear only heels and trainers. I was delighted when I was asked to try the Nine to Five Heels insoles*. I can walk in heels, but if a pair of insoles can make them more comfortable, I would like to take advantage of it. This insoles are specially designed for making […]

Roundup for my favourite place in UK

A few weeks ago I hosted a linky named Favourite place in UK. I was delighted to see the entries. All of the places that were shared were new to me and all look beautiful and exciting. So this is a roundup. I wanted to share 3 of my favourite entries, but it was hard […]

BEDN – How Did It Go? Reflections

This month I took Elizabeth’s challenge. to Blog everyday in November (BEDN). I was reluctant at first as this is a very busy period for me and I wasn’t sure I can blog everyday. In fact I had to skip 2 days, but, as a whole, I would say it went great. I liked this […]

Blogging at Christmas

The Blog everyday in November challenge is almost over and I think I did pretty good, except for a couple of days when I was too busy to blog. I will write more about it tomorrow, in a roundup. Today the theme is Christmas and I want to share my blogging schedule for December and […]


I like seeing new towns and Derby was on my list for a while now. Hubby and I stopped there on a longer trip and we walked around. The town is beautiful. It has a lot of history and there are lots of things to see, but we were only passing through. Derby has catacombs, […]

15 things i learned as an expat in UK

15 things I learned as an expat in UK

Today marks the day I arrived as an expat in UK with a tired hubby from an almost 2,000 mile drive, our tired dog and a fully loaded car. It happened 4 years ago. I had no idea how my life would be like and it was the first time I’ve step foot on British […]