Jewel Tower and my little piece of history

On our trip to London we’ve been to Jewel Tower, built 650 years ago to house the treasures and it was a part of the medieval Palace of Westminster. On the ground floor is the visitor centre and the tea rooms. The Palace of Westminster looks so beautiful from the tower. These old wooden posts […]

Holy Island, Anglesey

In our holiday to Anglesey, we’ve been to Holy Island. We’ve been there before, at South Stack Cliffs and it’s a beautiful place. This time we’ve explored the island a little bit more. The main city is Holyhead, located halfway up on Anglesey’s west coast. The Island was a landing point between Ireland and Britain […]

5 Good things

It’s been a while from the last good things update because I was quite busy and I wasn’t able to keep up with my schedule. This weekend I should have been heading to Snowdon with other 2 lovely bloggers, but it’s snow on Snowdon, in May! So, we talked and decided to go in June […]

10 Good things

1. New Sofa! The new sofa is finally here, after ordering it at the end of December. I’m happy with it, it’s exactly as I wanted it to be and it’s very comfy. The last sofa we had we got it from a friend after we moved in an unfurnished house. We had to buy […]

Cocktail Masterclass at Black Dog Ballroom

I was invited to Cocktail Masterclass at Black Dog Ballroom in Manchester. The Black Dog Ballroom group is launching new cocktail masterclasses with different themes. It sounded great and I was eager to attend the event. It took place on the rooftop terrace bar at Black Dog Ballroom NWS. Black Dog Ballroom NWS is their […]

Vapiano Manchester

I attended a blogger event at Vapiano Manchester a few days ago. It involved tasting different dishes while blind folded. It was so much fun! I’ve been to Vapiano before, but in Stuttgart, while visiting a friend in Germany a few years ago. He liked their food a lot, as he is vegetarian too and […]

Reading challenge 2016

Last November I discovered a reading challenge on Beth’s blog and I found the idea fascinating. This is my reading challenge for 2016. After looking online for a while and seeing some puzzling challenges, I’ve decided to make my own. Some of the genres in this challenge are new to me. It will be fun […]

Blogging Goals for 2016

Setting up blogging goals is new for me, but I want to do it. I will not have any goals related to numbers as while it’s lovely to see the number grow, it’s a hobby and I want to have goals related to my content. 1. Farm of the month. I saw war on waste […]

Personal Goals for 2016

Last year was great, I achieved all my goals quite fast. So I’ve decided to make 2 lists of goals for 2016. In this post I’m going to talk only about my personal goals and another one will follow with my blogging goals for this year. As last year, I want to have only a […]

My Christmas

I love Christmas, for me it’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with hubby and the dog. For the last years I blogged about Christmas and I want to blog again this year. I finally convinced hubby that he needs a Christmas jumper as I already bought one. Last year we had only festive […]